What to do? Cannot boot, reinstall, or recover.

By mkstein6 ·
Upon boot up, freeze at '...inspecting your computer's hardware...'

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Question and some possible tips

by dutt03 In reply to What to do? Cannot boot, ...

Did you recently add any new or install any new program? What are the specs of your PC? I take it you are not getting any hardware to display that it is connected. If you had installed any new componets in the past, you could doubble check the cables to your componets to make sure they are tight. If that still does not solve the problem you can try disconnecting everything from board (not the CPU). Then you can reconnect the the Memory, hard drive(only the main one if you have more then one) and all the fans to see if it will display the hard drive as being connected when you first boot up. If it does then try your CD/DVD drive. You would continue that one componet at a time until etither everything is hooked back up or it no longer is booting. If that did not work then you might have a problem with you bios on your PC, you can try resetting your bios (refer to Mother board book or web site on exact procedures or there tech support) so you do not harm mother Board. If anyone has any other thoughts please feel free to give them.

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I'm a bit lost by your sketchy question as well

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to What to do? Cannot boot, ...

When you see the Inspecting Your Computers Hardware that is generally associated with the Windows XP Initial install sequence and not a Boot up problem at all.

Can you see the POST Screen telling you what Hardware is installed in the way of CPU, RAM and HDD/s? Or do you see some makers Splash Screen saying HP, Dell or whatever and something like press F2 to enter BIOS?

If you can see the POST screen you have a hardware problem and there are a few things that you can do to recover from this the first is to make sure that everything is still actually connected and working so you'll need to at the very least Enter BIOS and see what is being shown as available for use. If you see the right CPU, RAM and HDD's it's then safe to take the next step by booting off something like the Ultimate Boot CD available for download here


And then run some diagnostics.

However if you can not see the CPU, RAM or HDD or they are reported incorrectly you'll have to open the case and start to check connections to make sure that everything is correctly plugged in. Remember that there are Static Sensitive Parts inside the case so you'll need to take some basic static control steps which involves placing both of your hands on a metal part of the case for a short time and being careful in the clothes you are wearing and the surface that you are working on.

Also if you have an ATX type Power Supply you'll need to disconnect the power lead to prevent electrical damage to the internals if you drop something as there is always power present on the M'Board.

Another thing that you could check is the Displayed Date & Time in BIOS if that's wrong by a large amount of years the most likely thing is that the Battery has gone flat and needs replacing. On most M'Boards these are a button battery which is a Lithium battery with a code of 2032 and are available from most places that sell batteries.

If you need to change the CMOS Battery make sure that you have disconnected the Mains lead and allowed the unit to stand for a few minutes to discharge the Capacitors before attempting to remove the Battery. If you drop it on a powered M'Board you'll damage the M'Board by shorting out components.

If this is a Note Book computer you have some very different steps that you'll need to take but without more detail there isn't much else to add here as there are just way too many variables.


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