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What to do first

By d_tech ·
What suggestions do you have for starting new job as Network Manager. What do you do first? Do you go in and change everything? What do you look for?

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by Jaqui In reply to What to do first

1) check error logs
2) check performance logs

if there are a lot of errors, try to reduce them.

if the performance isn't where it should be, in your opinion, then start looking at why it's not and how to get it there.

make changes only when you have documentation that shows the change is needed.

I would never come in and start changing anything without first studying the existing system, as well as what it's required to do.

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by TechKid In reply to What to do first

Don't make any changes until you fully understand the network, your employees, and their policies and procedures for computer use.

I would first perform an audit of the network (security practices, patching, hardware) policies and procedures. Then verify the documentation on the network is accurate. Once you feel comfortable with how the network is running and what type of systems they're running you can start making changes.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to What to do first

congratulations on your new job.

i would check to see if i had passwords to local and domain admin, antivirus, the router, everything i could think of. then i would

check the backups, antivirus and windows updates. first on the servers, then on your computer then the bosses computer then the users...

ask how laptops are handled. is antivirus required? can anybody logon? is the guest account enabled? what passwords

ask about each thing that backups are backing up. bring a list to your users of items that are being backed up. ask, does this seem to be complete?

see if you can see how you will recover the server(s) if you need to...figure that out next and practice it.

ask the users what problems they are having.

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