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What to do for a birthday

By jck ·
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Well, here I am going to beg for ideas.

The birthday is coming up soon, and I am looking for ideas of what to do.

Things I don't want to do:

Go to a bar/club
Go to a sporting event
Go to a concert
Go visit relatives
Go to a theme park

Done all those.

Looking for refreshing ideas of what might be relaxing and let me enjoy my birthday.

Any input appreciated.

P.S.- Sorry Shell and GG and neilb, but I can't come over for this birthday...or I darn well would! :)

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Thought about just getting away?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to What to do for a birthday

Rent a tent and hit a state park for a weekend. Don't even bother with a grill, just a cooler with stuff for sandwiches. Take along a couple of books or a pair of binoculars. No electronics. Or hit Subway and just go for the day. Sometimes the best way to celebrate is not to.

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Getting away in a tent

by jck In reply to Thought about just gettin ...

It's kinda cold sometimes to get out. I thought about it. Only drawback is I'd have to leave the state. If I stayed down here, someone would find a way to get a hold of me somehow. Where I work, people in my department live in 5 different counties. And, camping in the Everglades would be kinda dangerous. lol

As for Subway, I'm there once every couple of weeks. But, the idea not to celebrate is pretty much my whole premise. I want a no-effort style birthday. Just me, peace and quiet, no phone calls, no emails, and no nosy people inquiring what I'm doing.

I thought about coming north, but there's too much snow/cold. Otherwise, I'd probably be up near Gatlinburg or Hickory.

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Turn the phone off.

by LocoLobo In reply to Getting away in a tent

My Dad used to do that. Drove us kids crazy. :)

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by jck In reply to Turn the phone off.

Well, the cell phone I almost have to keep on because of my parents and if they need me or get sick.

However, I might go buy one of those $20 temp phones for the weekend and give them that number. My work demanded I give them my cell number when I started, citing that I was expected to come in whenever they deemed it "necessary".

I almost told them "Buy me a phone. It's not my job to pay for your functional operations."

Ah well. I might have this solved soon anyway.

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Take a day trip somewhere scenic

by AV . In reply to What to do for a birthday

Go somewhere you haven't been before and spend the day exploring the area. If you can make it a weekend getaway, even better.


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A weekender

by jck In reply to Take a day trip somewhere ...

That is exactly the idea. Something to get me away from the rat race. Thanks :)

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Vegas Baby!

by Forum Surfer In reply to What to do for a birthday

I don't particularly like to gamble, I don't particularly care for clubs and I'm not a huge drinker. Even still, I love Vegas!

If you have never been, it is a very memorable trip. Even if you fly is very much worth it. Lots of sights to see and activities. I never had a dull moment there.

Knowing where you are helps greatly, too. Go to a travel agent, ask what you can get discounts on this time of year and then compare the prices to booking it yourself. I had a birthday this month. I got caught up in training on my bday, so my freakin awesome girlfriend has given me an IOU pass for us to take a trip on her dime this month.

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by jck In reply to Vegas Baby!

If I went to Vegas right now, I'd do little gambling and a LOT of drinking.

And, I might never come home. :^0

Thanks :)

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Be a tourist in your own city

by Jessie In reply to What to do for a birthday

Contact your local tourist information center and find out what kinds of deals they've got. I absolutely love going to spend a night in local B&Bs... especially ones with themed rooms and bathtubs built for two.

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by jck In reply to Be a tourist in your own ...

Would love to share it with someone, but right now that part of the equation is null...unfortunately.

And, the couple of B&Bs I know in the area...look more like haunted houses.

I might look into a B&B elsewhere.

Or maybe a night in the Don Cesar as a treat getting pampered and massaged and all would do me good. :)

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