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What to do if a team member is a spy

By srinivasan.ramar ·
The team member is a person who thinks that whatever he thinks should be executed and he will be more friendly to the team members but he will report to the top management in secret that he has done a particular job even though the job was done by others in the team.And he is very comfortable in skipping the team lead and PM and he directly interacts with the HR and Director(IT).

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communicate communicate communicate

by JamesRL In reply to What to do if a team memb ...

What does a spy do - provide information.

How do you make a spy redundant? Provide more accurate and insightful information. The team lead and the PM have to be better at providing senior management with both formal and informal communications. And it has to be better than what the spy is providing - that will call into question the spy's accuracy and bias...

Happy to help.


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Exercise a bit of mis-information

by mjd420nova In reply to What to do if a team memb ...

We had a new hire that was a relative of the boss and was passing all information onto the boss. Once he was found out, he was cut out of the loop and fed mis-information and general BS. After about two weeks of this he found another job and left the company.

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No-win situation

by jdmercha In reply to What to do if a team memb ...

If management chooses to listen to this spy, then they do not trust you to do your job. It doesn not matter what you do, you can not change or excel in this situation.

The best bet is to start looking to get out. In the meantime document everything you do and everyhting your boss asks you to do.

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