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What to do in this situation? Any ideas?

By julioairizar ·
I have a friend, who has a PC running Win98SE and one software he use to do his job at the germans automobile repair shop. This software use an external device called KTS 550 and the software is extremelly delicate to the point of been disable if any, and I mean ANY, changes are made or to the Operating Syst. or to the hardware, and he don't have a way to replace (reinstall) the software and the data he already gathered from the past use. The PC in this moment has a virus W32.Opaserv.worm, because his Norton Antiv. expirate time ago. He buy new NAV 2003, but I am afraid to install it or use the Symantec's Removal Tool, once one of the file affected is Win.ini and others system files. I know for other time that if I touch any of this files, the software will become disable.
What can I do, Any suggestions, ideas??

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by carlos.nino In reply to What to do in this situat ...

Go to this page:

Here you will find the explanation and tool to remove the virus.

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to What to do in this situat ...

run the tool.
if the software was running fine without the virus, and it got infected and is still running well, i can not imagine running the tool to remove the virus and it's entries can have any effect on it.
of course you can do it manually also instead of running the removal tool.

I am a bit more concerned about installing the patch to protect the computer for future infections. If the software is so sensitive about small changes there is really a problem.

i think it's best to contact the manufacturer, what the software is did is it took a snapshot of the hardware configuration used that probably as a key to lock the program from being copied illegally.


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by Devinefv In reply to What to do in this situat ...

At this point whatever you do be sure to backup the System.ini and user.ini so that you can put your system back the way it was before you really screwed it up! Below is a small list of steps for doing this:

Back up the files that hold the registry

The Windows 9x registry actually consists of two files: System.dat and User.dat. These files offer another effective method for backing up the registry. You must, however, boot to DOS mode to do this--remember that while Windows runs, the files will be in use.

To do so, select the Restart The Computer In DOS Mode option from the Shutdown command on the Start menu. At the DOS prompt, ensure that you're in the system root (usually C:\Windows). Then enter the following:

attrib system.dat -s -h -r
attrib user.dat -s -h -r
copy system.dat c:\backup\system.dat [or another safe location]
copy user.dat c:\backup\user.dat
attrib system.dat +s +h +r
attrib user.dat +s +h +r

If your computer's registry now becomes completely corrupted, you'll be able to copy these files back into place using the reverse of the commands above. Enter the following:

attrib c:\windows\system.dat -s -h -r
attrib c:\windows\user.dat -s -h -r
copy c:\backup\system.dat c:\windows\system.dat
copy c:\backup\user.dat c:\windows\user.dat
attrib c:\windows\system.dat +s +h +r
attrib c:\windows\user.dat +s +h +r

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by julioairizar In reply to

Thank you very much Devinef, your answer really give me help, once I can reverse the changes made and save the friends data. Thanks!!

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by julioairizar In reply to What to do in this situat ...

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