What to do my computer won't let me do a recovery dvd?

By Angie ·
hi, my name is angie and i am new at this. i have a very important question! well 2 weeks a go one guy from BESTBUY (GEEK SQUAD) is call to set up a networking in my house for a computer at home and a labtop he also install 2 softwares for one of my computers (at home)well he also have it to do a dignostic & repair for the one at home, but he didn't because he ask me if i had a "recovery cd/dvd for my computer" i said, "no". he said that thoses cd's or dvd's come with computer when you purchase it. i said i lost them. (i ask him to come in because when i was trying to play a cd it won't let me, he said that there was no audio found(i don't know what it means) so he ask me to do a Recovery CD/DVD for my computer, so i went to BESTBUY i bought some DVD-R's to be able to do it. so i try to do it but everything was going ok until when it got to the last step it said "error" and ask me to insert a new blank DVD, so i did but then again it happend so i insert a new one again.the case is that i waist like 5 DVD's so i decide it to quit doing that. I need help by knowing which DVD/CD's i have to used for all this or what do you think is wrong with my computer. i really need help.

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re: making a recovery DVD

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to What to do my computer wo ...

First thing we have to ask is IF the writer is a DVD writer or just a CD writer with DVD reader? Can you tell us what make/model the computer is? What make/model the CD "writer" is? What operating system you have on the computer (WinXP, Vista, ???)?

The next thing we have to ask you is that the story about why Geek Squad was called in doesn't make sense. First you say you called them in to set up a network. They installed something. Then you say you called them because you couldn't play a CD. He says you have no audio (that is what plays the sounds). So, please LIST all of the problems the computer has, besides not being able to write a DVD. It may all be related. It may also be related to what Geek Squad did to your computer to set up the network.

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RE: What to do my computer won't let me do a recovery dvd?

by Jacky Howe In reply to What to do my computer wo ...

Thumbsup2 is right we need to know more about your PC. Follow this link and download siw.exe to the desktop. Open it and scroll down to Storage Devices. There will be a list with Type Vendor Model. If you can post a list of what is under Type it will let us know what you have.

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