What to do? What to do? I hate stupid people...

By Snuffy09 ·
Got an angry ?client?
I have a fulltime Computer technician job. On the side I fix computers at home, I do very minimal house calls for the simple fact that I don?t want to or like to.
Anyways my mom gave me a call the other day said she has a co-worker that has 2 dead computers
1st one is an old hp - won?t turn on when you press the power button
2nd is a newer DELL optiplex 270 full tower ? could not find boot device when you tried to boot computer
They wanted the data from the HP copied to the DELL
So I asked ?what data do you want copied and where is it on the computer??. They had no idea what I was talking about. So I asked again, ?do you have any music, Pics Or other documents you want to save?? They said no just my documents. Then I asked ?what software were you using??? What do you need reinstalled?? They said I don?t know just copy the files.
So I reinstalled the XP home on the DELL to get it to boot. Next, I pulled the hard drive from the HP and mounted it as a slave in the DELL. Then continued to copy the my documents and settings contents from the old user profile to the new one (not overwriting any files). Then installed all the drivers and Microsoft updates. After that I installed Openoffice,Reader,AVG, and Spybot.
So now I get the call (I was waiting for it) the guy pi$$ing and moaning that the internet doesn?t work and that he cant open some of his files. I told him that the internet worked fine at my house and that for all of his files to work again he may have to install some software on his own because of the lack of directing they gave me. He wanted me to come over and set it up (this guy lives an hour away) I told him there was no way I was going to come set it up because it works and that he can call Comcast about the internet, because it is probably a small issue on his end or theirs. then he says "im not going to pay for a computer that doesnt work." I just have to laugh cuz the computer worked great.

Ohh fun

Anybody else have a story like this?

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Tell your Mom to pay you

by LarryD4 In reply to What to do? What to do? I ...

Your Mom gave you the client, so tell her to pay you.

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haha I should try that

by Snuffy09 In reply to Tell your Mom to pay you

I told her to think twice about the user before she suggests another one to me.

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Not only that!

by TonytheTiger In reply to Tell your Mom to pay you

Pay me $5000! When you sign off that it is done, I may return some of it :)

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This is why

by JamesRL In reply to What to do? What to do? I ...

I used to do housecalls and insist that the client be there.

That way you don't leave till they are happy and you bill them till you leave.


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Sometimes yes

by Snuffy09 In reply to This is why

if the person lives within 10-15 mins away i would be ok with setting them up for a small fee but not an hour away.

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RE: "Anybody else have a story like this?" ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to What to do? What to do? I ...

I'm afraid so, but if I attempted to list them on the pages of TR, I might overload the system.

It appears to be 'just part of being what you are'.

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haha yeah i bet

by Snuffy09 In reply to RE: "Anybody else have a ...
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Side repair

by patb071 In reply to What to do? What to do? I ...

I used to do some pc repair on the side like you did. About a month ago a i worked on a laptop and a desktop and i had to download a bunch of stuff to fix them. i charged the guy $35 for 2 computers. Then 2 weeks later received a bill from Verizon for $200 more than usual b/c i only have a Verizon card.

Then the best i worked on a laptop for an older lady that was good friends with a coworker. So i did some stuff took the Laptop to her helped her out, and charged her only $20. She offered me a shot of tequilla and some "Grass" for all the help.

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I recently setup a laptop for a relative

by robo_dev In reply to Side repair

Double and triple-checked everything. Purchased and paid for a three-year Sunbelt Vipre AV subscription ($65).

I get a call to ask why the wireless LAN connection no longer works since he installed McAfee total protection.

I (gently reminded him) that I had purchased/installed AV already and also explained that installing two AV packages on the same PC is not a good idea. He forgot that I had installed AV, so he took the PC to BestBuy and paid them to uninstall Vipre and then bought a copy of McAfee for $20 and installed it (run from room screaming .......ugggggh).

After ten minutes on the phone, it was determined that he has no longer owns a wireless router, which would make connecting to the wireless LAN somewhat more difficult.

I suggested that he call AT&T and have them provision a DSL gateway with WiFi.....

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by Snuffy09 In reply to Side repair

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