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what to do? what to do?

By Neodragon ·
I have accepted the fact that I will have to format my hard disk after chkdsk /r and chkdsk /p and fixmbr all failed to complete.
However, on formating through the recovery console I get: a blue error screen saying ... the problem seems to be caused by the following file: partmgr.sys

STOP: 0x000000CE (0xF7933667,0x00000000,0xF7933667,0x00000000) partmgr.sys

Please help. Can I somehow reformat my hard disk and at least try recovering some of my important files? Or will I have to buy another hard disk - I have a lap top and this will be pricey...

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by tamj123 In reply to what to do? what to do?

how can you format the harddrive and recover the files? did you try to format the harddive with fdisk command? the command you use was for checking hard drive and fix master boot record.

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by Neodragon In reply to what to do? what to do?

Thanks for replying. I use the "format c:" command in the recovery console. However, when I do, I get the blue error screen I mentioned originally.

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by kathyjp In reply to what to do? what to do?

I think we need more information to help you out. What was the original problem that prompted you to try chkdsk/r and /p and fixmbr? Will your computer no longer boot from the hard drive for some reason? If this is the case, before you do anything else with it, put it in another working computer as a secondary HDD with the slave jumper set and copy all your files that way. Then you can reformat the hard drive and start fresh, if necessary, without loosing all your files.

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by Orpheum In reply to what to do? what to do?

if you've made it into recovery console, you're okay. now stop trying to format your data or playing with the MBR. your windows installation is definitely shot now, however u don't format anything if u wanna salvage your files. assuming you only have one partition, you should reinstall windows into the same hard drive but into a new folder you will create during installation - call it win99. do not partition or reformat during install or you'll overwrite your data. now when you boot up make sure you select the new installation and after logging in, get your laptop on a network or transfer your data through a parallel port (in ntwk connections, make a new direct connection to the other xp machine). this is the least frustrating way to salvage a corrupt system which can enter the recov console stage.
had u partitioned the hdd and kept data on a seperate drive letter than windows, you would be able to format c: during install.this is how i operate because i used to get a bunch of MBR viruses or 'bombs' which caused me to reinstall windows almost weekly! so i learned to segregate the crucial data into a different drive letter.

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by jkaras In reply to what to do? what to do?

Well since you feel that the HDD is toast, try writting zeros to the drive with debug. my roomate used it and it worked great. the site I believe its at is www.firmware.com/support/bios/hdclear.htm
or do a google search for hdclear.txt and you will get the instruction to use a floppy with a lot of typing but well worth it. If it works you might be able to save the drive, good luck.

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by AmigaFan In reply to what to do? what to do?

I use the program Undeletpro (http://www.active-undelete.com/) and have recovered files and full Win2K profiles with the registered version of this program. Worth a look if you have to reinstall. Have you tried replacing the file with the recovery console or throught the DOS cab recovery tool?

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by wlbowers In reply to what to do? what to do?

When I get a laptop like this in for service, we remove the drive and using an adapter install it on a desktop system.

The more you try to get that drive to boot the more you bugger up the chance of getting your data off.

The adapter is $9.00 here at Cables to Go:

Once you get the drive on as a secondary drive you can run backup retrive your data even if you have to use recovery software.

Once your data is safe then you can attempt to save the drive by using the manufacturers diagnostic software.

Good Luck Lee

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