What to do when warraty work goes bad?

By baegis ·
Warranty work causes more problems - ACER is BAD!!
ACER Australia do not support their warranty work!
I had a windows 2003 server R2 sending out an alert that one of the hard drives in a Raid 1 0 setup was failing and being rebuilt. After about 4 warnings over 2 weeks I contacted ACER Australia through their web site and a tech rang me up. I expalained what was happening and I was only half way through my 3 year warranty.

They sent out a Tech to replace the drive within 2 days. Good so far. When installing the drive which he said would take 30 minutes he did something wrong and after 5 hours he finally owned up that he could not start our server.

He asked for our raid back up but we received the server with the system preinstalled so we did not have a backup. He then said there was nothing more he could do and left!!!

I had to get someone in to rebuild the server. I spoke to ACER and their first response was "unless you can prove we did it, there is nothing we can do"

I have sent the logs of what was found on the server and its rebuild but now they just ignore me, by not responding to my emails or calls.

It cost $3,600 to get it fixed and we were without it for 3 days.

What can I do to get ACER to reimburse my company??


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I hate hearing stories like this.

by Churdoo In reply to What to do when warraty w ...

That SUX! I don't have an answer to your question; just wanted to commiserate I suppose. Good luck!

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Hand it over to your legal department

by jdclyde In reply to What to do when warraty w ...

because you will probably have to sue them over it.

Make sure you document EVERYTHING.

Everyone you talk to (by name/employee number) with time/date/ and what was discussed.

Everything that was done, and why.

Good luck with that.

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I know how you feel

by Nimmo In reply to What to do when warraty w ...

I had to call HP for a warranty job on one of our clients Proliant server, they came out really quick (next day support so they should) anyways I get a call from the tech "yep all done I have replaced the motherboard and the server is up and running".

I log in a little later to find that not only did they not turn RAID back on but the tech put a G5 board in a G4 server, therefore I couldn't just turn RAID back on.

I had to image the server, shrink the volumes (once the drives got formatted the MBR takes some room), do a HIR restore, and keep my fingers crossed.

After about 4 blue screens and numerous rebuilds I finally got it up and running (couldn't charge the client, had to wear the cost) for HP's incompetence.

I called the tech told him what happened (not to rip it up him but tell him he should make sure that he checks the parts and hardware configuration before he does work)

HP and most likely Dell, ACER, etc.. have a clause that states that they are not responsible for any loss of data so we had to wear it.

I'm not going say never buy HP because they have great products and support (when you get a compedant tech)

So sorry to hear and unfortunately ACER most likely have that type of clause which means you have to bite the bullet and wear it.

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That is standard for data

by jdclyde In reply to I know how you feel

and your support is for the hardware only.

Any good tech should ask if you have current backups before doing anything that COULD kill an install though.

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Technically they dont have to

by Nimmo In reply to That is standard for data

Because of this clause they don't have to but should, I did some contract work for HP along with other companies some years ago and I always asked but technically I didn't have too. like you said they are working on hardware not software.

But more to the point any good administrator should have current backups, we have every server we look after run an image every night to an external drive.

Even though there is always a backup to restore it still isn't the point, if the tech did the job with the correct hardware there wouldn't have been any issue in my case.

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What is more to the point here though

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Technically they dont hav ...

Was that the Tech can only fit what HP supplies him to use. I used to do contract Work for HP repairing computers that their Techs couldn't and the stuff that they supplied left a lot to be desired. I would order the correct Part only to find out that it had been discontinued and replaced with something new that required masses of work to fit and get running again.

Or in the No Win Situation like some Evo Systems I knew that they worked perfectly but because of the crappy Property PS's that HP used I would order 10 PS's and hopefully find that may work with that system. But I could plug in a 350 W Antec and the unit worked perfectly but you had to use one of the HP Supplied PS to repair the thing. The HP Techs who where then nothing more than Valve Jockeys would replace a faulty substandard part with what was supposed to be a new substandard part and when it didn't work pass it on to me. Then HP would simply ignore orders for Superseded Parts and nit wasn't until I rang them asking what had happened to Order Such & Such they would say Oh that's been Superseded with such & such so you have to order that part.

They would have to be better now as they couldn't get any worse than what they where then and remain in business.


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Wrong parts

by Nimmo In reply to What is more to the point ...

So it wasn't just me when I ordered parts and got the wrong ones. LOL

I only did contract work for a year for them but it happened alot.

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They wouldn't even supply the new parts

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Wrong parts

Unless I ordered them by Part Number and they didn't bother telling me that the Parts had been Superseded.

Defiantly not the easiest crowd to deal with I have no idea how their Customers feel about them but I was anything but happy and I didn't have to face their customers. I wouldn't have of liked to be in that position trying to tell them that I was waiting for Parts that where never going to arrive till I asked what was happening.


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I had to face them

by Nimmo In reply to They wouldn't even supply ...

Unfortunatly the majority of the time I was working I had to meet someone onsite, and yeah kind feel like a **** when you need to say "oops sorry HP sent me the wrong parts".

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And here I have the complete opposite experience with HP

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I know how you feel

I never touch a HP Product at all these days and I used to be one of their agents on selling their products. If you look for the Warranty Department it used to be Listed under Service Department in Melbourne that was it not HP Service just Service Department in the Melbourne Phone Book. Really useful as Tits on a Bull.

Because the Book didn't have any details for Warranty work on a Tape Drive I rang the QLD Supplier who I dealt with and was asked how I got that Phone number apparently if I wanted to order something it was OK to ring it but any other queries where a no no and they just didn't want to know.

Anyway the Bottom Line is that HP Do Not repair anything they replace it with new stock so in the case of a minor failure like a belt breaking in a Tape Drive they give you a new one and because it's a new model all of the existing Tapes are now unreadable. Just a bit drastic for something so simple to fix and then continue working. They do the same thing with their scanners come MFD one customer had one where the light wasn't turning off and I was told I didn't know what I was talking about so when it failed which it had no option to do anything else they simply replaced it with a new one. The customer was as Happy as a Pig in Mud until I asked what would happen when it was no longer covered by the Warranty which expired in 3 days time. HP's directly said Buy a New one which is as rough as guts for a device that was supposed to last 5 years was sold as a 5 year investment and budgeted for a 5 year life to find out after 1 year you had to buy a new one when this broke.

HP does have some excellent Printers but thee are made by Canon so I just cut out the Middle Man and buy the Canon Units they at least repair their High End devices and don't fill up rubbish bins with hardware that requires a 50 cent part.

I personally have not worked or sold any HP product in 10 years or longer now and have no intention of ever handling their products again. Though Acer has a Bad reputation for Warranty work they at least only sell the low end of the market so it's acceptable to throw that stuff away as it costs more in Labor then the unit is actually worth to buy new. Unfortunately you no longer get what you pay for you get hardware from these crowds that are priced to what the Market will Bear and you are getting complete Junk at as much as they can sell it for.

In the case that is mentioned by the OP here as they didn't keep Backup they got exactly what they deserved they lost their Data and it was going to happen sooner rather than Latter and if they are not now running a DR Plan it's going to happen again and again till they work out that Computer Hardware Is Not Reliable and you need to keep Backup's of everything you do in such a fashion that it can be restored to different Hardware and work. Until they realize that they are in for a lot of Pain & Suffering and I have no Sympathy for them at all. :)


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