What to do with MSO97v.dll was not found?

By JADavis9 ·
I have a CD which used to play automatically when I put it in. It has a Powerpoint presentation on it. But now nothing happens when I insert the CD. I must go to My Computer and click on the CD drive and then it pops a box titled PPVIEW32.EXE - Unable To Locate Component and noting thatThis application has failed to start because MSO97v.dll was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.

This is on my Windows XP tablet that I did a clean install on a few months ago. I have updated as much as I can think of, but this is a new one on me. What should I do? I searched "MSO97v.dll was not found" and found many places trying to sell me their "registry repair" software. But I'll bet that isn't necessary to fix this.

What can I do next to fix this?

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Do a repair install of Office or powerpoint viewer.

by seanferd In reply to What to do with MSO97v.dl ...

If it doesn't have a repair funtion, reinstall.

If the disk is set up to run the powerpoint viewer itself, it is probably damaged or dirty.

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scary but it did not fix it

by JADavis9 In reply to Do a repair install of Of ...

That was scary! I went to Add/Remove and did a Change on Office Small Business Edition 2003. I clicked Change then Reinstall/Repair. I chose repair Powerpoint and checked Advanced Customization and I selected Powerpoint and deselected Word, Excel, Outlook and Publisher and unchecked Choose .... and clicked Update. After I saw Progress for a while it was done. But Outlook was gone from the quick launch, the Start Menu>All Programs>Microsoft Office and the top left of the Start panel. Scary!
So I put that other CD in and it still said MSD97v.dll not found.
So know I did a Repair/Install and needed to put the Office CD in and Outlook was still missing.
So I went to Add/Remove and chose Office>Change and did Add/Remove Features & checked the unchecked Word, Excel, Outlook & Publisher and hit Update. It fixed it!
I just had to drag the Outlook icon down to the Quick Launch area.
Outlook is now back and it opened with my data PST just like normal.
Whew! That wasn't good ... I was really scared!

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The thing with MS components

by seanferd In reply to scary but it did not fix ...

when you do a fix or additional install for Windows or Office: if you uncheck a box, you uninstall it, if it is already installed.

If Office 97 is what you have for installation media, check the Value Add folder on the disk. There would be a pptview.exe or similar you can install. You may also find one for download from MS. But again, if you look at the files on your powerpoint CD, you might find that the viewer is installed on that disc, and is expected to run from there. If the file is unreadable on the CD, it won't run.

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unsure what to try next RE non-playable CD

by JADavis9 In reply to The thing with MS compone ...

I have Office Small Business Edition 2003.
I read your reply but I can't figure out what my next step should be. I have no idea about any of this VIEWER stuff that you are mentioning.
This CD that won't play was made by me several years ago and worked fine back then. You just stuck it in the drive and it played. We sent out a 100 or so CDs to our dealers to broadcast a new product line of our go-kart wheels. We were the product manufacturer and had distributors and dealers all over the country.

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I tried it in my desktop pc

by JADavis9 In reply to What to do with MSO97v.dl ...

I tried it in my desktop pc which also runs Windows XP and it won't play on that either. I get the same issues there. I'll bet something has been changed by Microsoft. Any ideas on what I can do to make this CD play?

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I'm still hoping someone can help me to make this CD play

by JADavis9 In reply to What to do with MSO97v.dl ...

I know that I told you that it won't play on 2 different Windows XP machines that I have. But I am pretty sure that this CD worked fine to play upon insertion. I had done it many times in the past.
Anything known to fix this?

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Clean disc/fix scratches

by Bruce Epper In reply to What to do with MSO97v.dl ...

You can try to clean the disc and repair scratches on it to try to get it to work again. But your best bet is to copy the PPT file from the CD and create another CD for the presentation with your current version of PowerPoint.

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it is a very clean and unused CD so make another one

by JADavis9 In reply to What to do with MSO97v.dl ...

I'm not trying to just object to ideas but this CD is like new and has probably only been out of it's sleave 2 or 3 times ever. So there are no scratches that I can see.
So I wanted to try your other idea of making a new CD or just running the file after I store it on my pc. But when I go to My Computer and click on Circle Karting (D:), it pops that same box saying PPVIEW32.EXE - Unable To Locate Component and noting thatThis application has failed to start because MSO97v.dll was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.
And if I go to My Computer and right click on Circle Karting (D:), my pc seems to freeze up and never display a menu. In fact, it is sitting here right now and the Start box has closed but the small box that was displayed when I hovered on My Computer listing Local Disk (C:), Circle Karting (D:), Maxtor (E:), Control Panel, Brother MFC-7820N LAN etc is still displayed where it was originally displayed and it is just hanging over this site. Even as I am typing in this box, it is still displaying there. That is weird, since usually the window that you are in takes the top over all other windows.
Pretty weird! I'll bet that this is all connected somehow and some fix will resolve it all! That also makes me think that I don't really need to make another CD and that this is just some system problem or setting.
This is another issue with this mess so I will tell you. I cannot click on the icons down at the bottom to close my Outlook or anything right now, since this issue is happening. My mouse looks normal and not at work until I hover it over that silly box of those My Computer items that is still there above this site. Then the mouse image changes from its' normal calm arrow to a swirling image of a mouse at work. I get this same mouse appearance if I move it down anywhere between START and the Task Bar/Clock.

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Request for Clarification

by Bruce Epper In reply to it is a very clean and un ...

This behavior clearly indicates that the CD is damaged. When Explorer attempts to access this disc, it is encountering errors which is what is causing it to appear to hang. If you let it run like that for a few hours, it should eventually stop trying to access the damaged disc (if you are lucky). Removing the bad CD will sometimes cause this to stop after a few minutes. This behavior is also what is causing the desktop to become unresponsive as well since the desktop is just the first instance of Explorer to begin running. Other open applications may also appear to be hung, unresponsive or slow to respond if they need to access desktop resources. Some programs may not close or may take an extremely long time to close, especially if they need to save anything when drive errors are are being encountered. You can keep the desktop responsive in most cases if you tell Windows to use more than one instance of explorer.exe. How you configure this depends on your particular Windows flavor, so you can just Google it to find out what you need to do.

As far as the CD goes, it's merely a coaster now.

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More info on this CD player mess

by JADavis9 In reply to What to do with MSO97v.dl ...

My pc took a very long time to shut down. In fact, I had to use a ctrl-alt-delete Task Manager and click Shut Down and then choose Restart since my mouse wouldn't click on the START button as it was still swirling!
But before that, I used Task Manager to End Task on IE and on Outlook to close them. But my Outlook is set up to create a PST backup once each day at shutdown and this was now the time. Task Bar was saying CPU Usage: from 0 to 65%. Well, this went on for 5+ minutes and as it sat there saying 5 Seconds Remaining for at least 5 minutes, I finally clicked Cancel and stopped the backup. Then I clicked Shut Down on Task Manager and chose Restart. I had to hit End Now as it tried to shut down Explorer.
Back to the CD issue - it seems pretty minor compared to this mess! I really don't care too much if that CD ever will run again. I really just want to get my pc working properly. That is what is important to me!

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