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What to do with old COBOL application ?

By tex01 ·
What are the options for porting an old COBOL 68 application (late 1970s vintage) running on a Honeywell BULL computer to newer technology - a WINDOWS server based platform ? Where could I get more information on which vendors could provide this service?


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What to do with old COBOL application ?

by erikdr In reply to What to do with old COBOL ...

The _MicroFocus_ Cobol compilers for many platforms (e.g. Windows and Unix) are quite popular. Brand name might have been changed due to all the mergers end of last decennium but product should still exist.
I guess many service providers having experience with this Cobol version could do the job. But once they start advocating that it's cheaper (for them!!!) to rewrite in C## or Java you probably have the wrong provider :-(

At your service,

<Erik> - The Netherlands

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