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What to do with old CPUs

By Glen6490 ·
My first computer was a TRS-80 (Tandy Radio Shack) in 1985. Currently, I even have an old 286 Compaq "portable" (hardly a laptop) paperweight that still works well that I used in college in the 90s. The AC adapter, alone, weights about two pounds!

Although some of my computers have come and gone (to the garbage), and I have been given some away or sold to neighborhood kids for $25 so they can cut their silicon teeth, I have never seriously investigated what to do with old CPUs; and I have not seen any nationwide advertising campaigns for takers. In particular, I am refering to companies that do recycling of the plastic and precious metal components. In the past, if I had a couple CPUs in reasonably working condition, I would donate them to our Christian school for students to learn word processing, etc.; but some I have have serious or annoying bugs that I would not feel good giving to someone unless they knew how to solve buggy CPUs.

I realize there are some cute paradies out there that can show us what to do with old CPUs, but since I am not a fisherman, I am not interested in using my old Dell Pentium II laptop (which literally takes five minutes to boot up) for an anchor; target practice, maybe.

Any suggestions would be helpful. Currently, I have eight CPUs of various ages and in various conditions--most useable. Just over the weekend I was given two CPUs by an attorney in Chicago who is upgrading. One is an HP Pentium III, the other an IBM Pentium 4. Not too shabby a deal for free. Of course, I want to be within reasonable driving distance to make delivery within the Chicago, northwest Indiana area. Since I am selfish and keep most of my software, or donate it to Goodwill, I have limited software to accompany any of them.

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by fungus-among-us In reply to What to do with old CPUs

I feel that donating an old obsolete PC for the purpose of education is a bad idea. Why give a child (or a learning center) an obsolete computer? Are we still teaching kids that the world is flat? That the Sun and the rest of the celestial bodies revolves around the earth? Monetary donations are better suited if you want them to get computers.

Old PCs are useful donations to charitbale organizations where they plan on using the equipment for adminstrative/secretarial tasks (billings, notifications, e-mail, minor accounting).

I'm sure if you call around to some of your local churches and not-for-profit organizations, you'll have plenty of interested parties.

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Maybe yes, maybe no.

by TonytheTiger In reply to Donation

If your offering is more current than what the school already has (and there are poor school districts), surely it would be of use to them.

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by PSer In reply to What to do with old CPUs

Goodwill Industries has several computer "recycling" programs across the country. They (Goodwill) are all individually managed i.e. Goodwill Industries of Central Texas does have this program in place but the Goodwill's in other areas may not have. You'll have to call the offices nearest you.

All donations help put people with barriers to employment to work. Darn good cause, IMO.

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