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What to do with old NT server...?

By rogue_acecard ·
I know this will sound pretty silly to some, --But please bear with me, I'm a hardware guy who recently got the role of network admin thrown in my lap! I've recently installed a new server at a client (about 20 users) of mine. I basically ghosted the NT4 server image off of the old, onto the new, and upgraded the new machine to 2003 standard. The whole install went seamlessly and is up and running. My question is...What can I do with the old server? It ran NT server for years and hardwarewise is a solid machine. All I would like the old machine to do is run the tape backup through a network share, run 1 or 2 simple 3rd party network programs, and that's about it. Reinstalling the OS is not an issue.

Thank you, John.

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Old server uses

by generalist In reply to What to do with old NT se ...

If the Server 2003 was an upgrade version, you might not be able to use the old OS because it was 'replaced' by the new version. If Server 2003 was a 'new' copy, then you can use the old OS. Check the EULA for details.

As far as what to do with it, you could always consider installing Linux and experimenting with open source software. If the machine is solid, but a few years old, Linux would give you additional abilities.

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For some nice simple Linux distro's try

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Old server uses

Lycoris Desktop/LX or Xandros ver 2 as they are both easy to use with the cards falling Xandros's way for networking in a "Windows" environment.

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by djent In reply to What to do with old NT se ...

It would make a great Linux gateway/firewall for Windows.

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