What to keep in mind while choosing an internet service provider?

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I'm situated in a remote village and very few cable network providers are there in the area. But lately there are a couple of companies like Reliance, TataIndicom, Airtel who have broadband facilities.

I would like to go in for a low cost internet connection, as our internet consumtion is not much. I have LAN connections in several offices and each office has 5 PC's approximately. Could we share the connection via LAN to all the PC's? Each office will have a seperate broadband connection. Some offices would have a heavy load of internet useage. while most of them would be only cheching of mails and no major downloads done, except for updates.

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by Wizard-09 In reply to What to keep in mind whil ...

Check what packages they have, 1MB, 4MB, 10MB. Then see what option is best for you, you would share the internet connection on the LAN to the other machines, for the office that will have heavy downloads I would go for something like 10MB, also think about the offices in question will they be on their own domain, network or will a VPN be needed to connect the sites you will need to take this into account, also ring all the companies and ask for information then make the choice.

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RE: What to keep in mind while choosing an internet service provider?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What to keep in mind whil ...

What you actual needs are and is there room to grow with that provider as well as penalties involved with any Contracts. That is all that should ever come into question when you look at any ISP.

As for sharing the Internet Connection between 5 computers this isn't much of a problem as most Cable Companies will provide Routers that can feed Switches/Hubs to provide the number of connections required.

You should also look at any Excess Usage Fees that may be incurred as even what appears to be a small Amount will grow very quickly. For example 15 cents a Meg = $300.00 for 2 GIG of Usage and many ISP consider Uploads and Downloads as Chargeable usage so that means any E-Mail Sent and Received gets charged or added as your usage.

I did work for one company who considered that they only had Light Internet Usage as they only had a Small Web Page and E-Mail/Instant Messaging that was used so they would about once a week update their Web Page and then only use the IM and E-Mail capacities of their computers. They took to E-Mailing documents between different work stations and in the first week of their new Internet Connection they had exceeded their Internet Usage Limit by 3 Gig's and they still had another 3 week to go before the next billing period started.

So if you do not know what will be used you need to find a Flexible ISP and start with something on the smaller side for usage and then increase the usage as you get actual data on what is being used by the individual Offices. Most ISP's will not have a problem with Increasing any Plans but will be hard to deal with if you want to opt for a smaller Plan but again that is just a generalization and you need to know this before commiting to any one company.

Also if there is a need to have a VPN between Offices or a regular Data Transfer that will be included in the Internet Usage so you will need something big enough in both Data Speed and Accounts to carry that load of Data that gets moved around between offices.


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