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    What to learn next and were to go…


    by andrewbeardsley ·

    Hi all,

    At the moment l am the System Admin for a large shopping center l have nearly finished my MCSA and would like to learn about firewall security l was wondering what courses are available e.g. ethical hacking courses, security courses (microsoft, cisco,) etc…

    And l was also wondering what kind of jobs are there for firewall security experts.

    Many Thanks,


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      Reply To: What to learn next and were to go…

      by penguinsrule ·

      In reply to What to learn next and were to go…

      you may want to go to and look at the certifications that they offer. In my opinion a good system administrator or security administrator needs a good background in several areas, with network administration probably being the most important. But other areas are important too. It’s also good to get good practice in troubleshooting and problem solving techniques. I can tell you that for the most part security is a tough place to work. They just want a fall guy and you have your hands tied behind your back the whole time. If you want that kind of stress, then that’s great.

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