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What to learn VC++ or VC++.NET?

By Yatin U ·
I am new to all this .NET technology.What would you suggest I learn VC++ 6 or VC++ .NET?Also recommend some good books for my perusal.
Thank You

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What do you know now?

Tricky question. A lot of it depends on why you want to know it. What are your goals? Use it this afternoon or next year?

Not everyone will make the switch to .net right away.

So your question should actually be: should I learn .NET or regular windows programming.

I think that this depends on what you know now and are most comfortable with.

I would recommend learning C#, especially if you already know any Java. C# seems to be the language that Microsoft is putting the most hype behind. seems invisible compared to C#.

If you know VB6 then you should learn This will get you used to programming for the .NET framework.

If you don't know any languages, I would recommend It is easier to learn and faster to develop in. Since you can integrate languages relatively easily with .net, you could slowly convert your code to C# or C++. This is a pretty good way to learn.

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I know ASP but.....

by Yatin U In reply to What do you know now?

I know asp so do you suggets I go in for asp .NET?
Anyway I am tired of web technology....I want to try my hands in developing applications with say VC++ so I wanted to know that will learning VC++ .net be a viable option given that I am new to VC++ as such beacuse I don't want to waste time learning some technology when a new one has just emerged.

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Have you thought of....

What about Java?

Java is very good to know. It also commands big $$$.

Here's how I learned Java. I set up TomCat to run JSP. This worked out well since I was familiar with web technologies(ASP). From using JSP I learned most of the syntax and theory behind Java. I then started using Servlets and Java Beans called from JSP.

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C++ .NET

by privately_owed In reply to I know ASP but.....

What Microsoft calls "C++ .NET" is actually just a set of extensions to allow C++ programmers access to the .NET Framework. The base language is still the same: there's little or no real difference between C++ and C++ .NET.

A better question would be: Do you want to learn C or C++?

As far as books, I really like the "Visual C++ The Complete Reference" series from McGraw Hill, I have the VC5 version of it and still use it constantly. Knowing ASP like you do, you might look for a C++ for VBprogrammers book, I think APress has a good one.

You might also check out the "Online Books" link to your left for some online C++ and C++ .NET books you can "buy" access to.

Lamont Adams

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back to my question..

by Yatin U In reply to C++ .NET

Thanks for all the advice of doing c# or c or C++ and all.....let me divert back to the question....if suppose I have to learn either VC++ or VC++.NET which one should I go for?

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Not an issue between them...

by RichClaussen In reply to back to my question..

As Lamont mentioned, they are really the same thing. There are additional extensions in the .NET version and the IDE is *much* better, but the language, C++, is the same.

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Do the latest

by xihongshi In reply to back to my question..

It all seems a while ago that the discussion was posted, but if you are still after an answer, I suggest that you always go for the latest technology available if learning something. Your question semms like you are stepping into C++ newly and then it is .NET rather than VC++. But then again, if you are going into the hassle of learning C++ (which always is well worth) why don't you go straight forward to C# under .NET since that is a newer development and goes much further than C++. There are two books I recommend for you: C++ under .NET it is Julian Templeman/Andy Olsen "Microsoft Visual C++ .NET Step by Step" (beware of misprints) and for C# it is Charles Petzold "PRogramming Microsoft Windows with C#", the latter teaching you good insights without relying too much on automated features available in the .NET framework. From there you go on with further literature referring to the specifics you are then after. Have fun.

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Win32 Console apps in .NET

by brandonhamm In reply to C++ .NET

This may come as a silly question, but I just installed VS.NET Ent. Arch edition, and there's no "Win32 Console Application" as there was in VC6 I'm sure it's still possible to create Win32 console apps from the new IDE...right?

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Console App

by Laura Tippin In reply to Win32 Console apps in .NE ...

From menu File select "New Project"
Then go with folder Visual C++ Projects, icon Win32 Project
In the property page click header "application settings" and here you go.

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Yes, it is possible.

by webarch In reply to Win32 Console apps in .NE ...

Yes, VS.NET VC++ DOES do console apps. It took me a few minutes to find it too, but you will. Hint: Under MSDN search "console."

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