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What To Study next

By venkat_1781 ·
I HAve completed my MCSE in NT 4.0 And finished my CCNA 2.0 In may. Now Iam Confused Whether to study Mcse 2000 Or CCNP OR Sun Solaris.Please help me to choose The the suited for my future

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It ALL Depends

by eBob In reply to What To Study next

It all depends on what YOU want to do! In this case: IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU!

Do you have a job? If not, then my recommendation is go out and get one. Get some experience. Find out what you like to do, and then work towards that. It may turn out thatyou hate working with Cisco boxes and networks and all that. Then why bother with any further Cisco certs? You may really like working with end users (I cannot imagine that, but then I am intolerant of 'people' - just ask Baby/Sara/Meshy). If so, then that describes a different path, for you.

This is a very important point: IT IS ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT TO DO.

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If it was me...

by LordInfidel In reply to What To Study next

Since you already have your mcse and ccna (even though your nt4 cert will expire soon)

Ask your self, do I really need /want to spend the effort learning 2k. Is it neccessary for me?

For me after I upgraded my nt4 cert to 2k exam and took my ccna. I then concentrated on linux and firewalling.

Just think about where you want to go in your personal career.

You may just want to take a break from the cert path and just play with linux and sun for a while.

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study ccnp

by eksm69 In reply to What To Study next

since u already an mcse and ccna,better u study ccnp.because now doing mcse is not worth . better u have bright future if u do ccnp.
sun solaris is another os .this will also help u much

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This may sound harsh but..

by TomSal In reply to What To Study next

How about actually getting experience now? You studied and earned your MCSE and CCNA, that's great...good job, but how about getting real world, hands on, good old-fashion nitty gritty experience on those certs now?

After you have decent hands on experience completing the objectives of the certs in real life (or at least as best as you can simulate based on your personal finances and situation), then I'd go study Linux next.

Its no spectacular bit of wisdom, but I really do forsee a stronger future for Linux talent in the industry. Plus if you know Linux well it teaches more of how things really work - funny way how command lines do that huh? I'm guilty of needing to brush up more on Linux myself as a matter of fact, my problem is lack of available time anymore.

You really want value in the IT field though, learn every ounce you can possibly comprehend about security - understand it well. Security is going to explode and I really feel quality security analysts will becomemore revered than even top programmers often are and many companies.

Naturally the security field is hard stuff, but then that's why its more valued and I think you'll make a mint, the whole thing with terrorism in the limelight now will only make the security field even more in demand.

But first get experience. I think that's most important, when you come down to it - really anyone can study for a cert. If you graduated high school or earned a GED you already proved you have skills to get a cert - you can read and you can pass a test.

(Not to say there is no value in certs at all, I possess a few myself)

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