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What to upgrade?

By Frogwillie2001 ·
What I like to know is how are you supposed to know what to download or upgrade too?
Almost everything you do now days have some sort of anti-virus and spyware with it.
I.e.: Internet explorer 8, windows 7 and so on.
What if your running Norton or McAfee?
So wont all of these start conflicting?
Wont they slow down your systems?
How can you disable the ones you don?t need to be running?
Most of them don?t allow you to stop them or exit from them with out spending a lot of time digging around to fine them and adjust the properties some kind of way.
If your lucky enough to do that.
Was just wondering what everyone else thinks about all of this?
Thanks for the replys.

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I solved all this a few years ago and switched to

by Deadly Ernest In reply to What to upgrade?

SimplyMepis Linux running Open Office, GIMP, and other free software like Kaffeine etc. They do all I want, except for my old games, and WINE does that for me, very nicely as many are older Windows games that can't run in Win XP or Vista or Win 7 anyway.

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It looks like you have a bit of research ahead of you.

by Ron K. In reply to What to upgrade?

That's how I've made my decisions. I've also done a lot of trials. I'm sticking with what I've got for now because, like DE, what I have works for me. I'll do an occasional trial based upon trusted recommendations but most of what I continue to use is based upon my own personal experience with it.

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