what to write applications in if not vb6?

By vsmullins ·
We have stand-alone software that runs on Windows 98 thur Vista. It's written in vb6 and need to know just what to use in stead of vb6. All we're getting is hype. Do we go to Visual Studio, if so which one. Does come with visual studio or visa versa?

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Well the first answer that

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to what to write application ...

occurs is almost anything, but I aren't a big VB6 fan.
Presumably you mean you have VB6 apps running under Vista with 98 as their comptibility mode.

As to where to 'upgrade' to, depends on who you've got to do the work and their skillset. VB6 to VB.NET is a hefty switch, doing it so you can take advantage of .NET functionality could easily end up being a total rewrite anyway.
On the basis that little of your existing code base is going to have any future at all, you aren't constrained by your current (presumably windows based) technology choices except in terms of personel and or cost.

Please beware of VB6 to VB.Net, it was nowhere near as simple as MS would have you believe even for those VB6 developers who were properly educated and didn't fall into the naff design traps VB6 actively encouraged.

C# would be my recomendation, but I dislike Java and still don't like VB.

VS (full version) comes with just about everything and you can get more for it.

If you want to get a feel for your woes you can download VS Express free from MS, you have to pick one language at a time, but it might help you and your people see waht's what and who's who.

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Well the first answer that occurs is almost anything

by vsmullins In reply to Well the first answer tha ...

We have VS 5 professional on its way into our shop now and will evaluate it. Our expertise was in VB6 and we've been plodding through the VB6 to .net conversion with much frustration. Our system is highly complex written orignally with many mainframe adaptations for a robust system.
Thank you for sharing your insight it's grealy appreciated.

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Don't get me wrong you can write good code in VB6

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Well the first answer tha ...

It's just that, VB6 was put together so you didn't have to.

Option Explicit being an obvious and outstanding example, the more subtle ones like deferred instantiation, and auto reinstantiation giving you some real dandruff creating 'features'.

The better your code the easier the upgrade to in terms of hard to find stuff. More stuff will pop up at compile time as opposed to run time, always better in my opinion, but scary if you bought into the idea, that it was a VB5 to VB6 type upgrade.

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You're right you don't to "remake the wheel" each time you need one

by vsmullins In reply to Don't get me wrong you ca ...

Thanks for replying

We have Visual Studio 5 Pro on its way in and are currently (manually) removing all the GoSub commands
Lots of fun.
Any additional thoughts welcome
Jenny Mullins aka Virginia

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perhaps I missed something...

by semi-adult In reply to You're right you don't to ...

... but is there some reason why you're forced to change what you have? If VB6 works, what's your gain for the pain?

There are probably a couple of million good reasons to upgrade stuff, not the least of which is folks like me make a living by recreating stuff in a new framework, but from what you've given, there's no clear purpose here. You have something that apparently is compatible with every current OS. Are you adding functions? Is the app unstable? Are you anticipating VISTA II/III/...?

As you may figure out, picking a language/platform is a religious experience. Do not be discouraged if you get lots of personal opinions (including mine) that don't clear the air. The bottom line is, it doesn't matter what tools you use, if the product does what you want it to do. If you have a clear plan and goals for change, you might get responses with a lot more focus.

For the most part, all modern tools (including VB6) can do most anything you can imagine. So I ask again... what's wrong with what you have?

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