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What type of backup do you use for your server?

By hopemdavid ·
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What server backup solution do you use for your business? I am confused with various solution's available. I run a small business. We provide training for students and also provide assistance in their projects. We are about to start a new wing where we will have clients from abroad and we will be working on various projects for them. We will be developing websites for handling the work and other activities. I wanna make sure that the data's are safe. I don't want to lose anything. One of me friends told me about this offsite server backup provider called Storagepipe Solutions. Is anyone using their service? It will be nice is if someone can put up a good list from which I can choose.

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backup for server

by iharrythomas21 In reply to What type of backup do yo ...

There are lots of ways to store your backup. If you don’t have large files, then you can go with free cloud storage like Google drive or Dropbox. They are very user friendly, easy to use, but if you have large files and want to keep the backup of these files then you have to go for some paid service which is offered by most of the cloud storage providers. These are some good cloud hosting providers
Eukhost :
Whuk :

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Here's what I suggest...

by gbower In reply to What type of backup do yo ...

There are a number of ways to back up your server as was mentioned above. I would personally recommend using an online storage option for your small business. It is extremely easy to use, backs up automatically and doesn’t require significant amount of manpower or time. I would also recommend having some network security measures in places such as a firewall, anti-virus software and strong passwords – this will work to make sure your network is secure. Hope this helps!

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Backup and Synchronization for server

by tstanko In reply to What type of backup do yo ...

GoodSync is an excellent free software which is designed to do exactly what is described. GoodSync will manage all of your data with ease, you can schedule routine jobs which will back up certain data at your desired times. You are able to both backup and synchronize data to any server you choose. Here is a download link

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window server is the best

by misslisacoffey25 In reply to What type of backup do yo ...

I think window server is the best to protect your OS (Operating system),volumes, files, and application data etc. In fact you can store your back in to single or multiple disks.It helps you to creates complete backups that allow you to perform recoveries of your computer without needing to reference another backup. However, these backups are optimized to behave like incremental backups, to increase backup performance and save space. In addition, if you use a disk or volume to store backups, Windows Server Backup automatically deletes older backups as a storage location becomes full. To know more you can click on the website:

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Solution to backup issue

by tstanko In reply to What type of backup do yo ...

My company uses a software called GoodSync, it provides the easy interface with the ability to perform on an enterprise scale. GoodSync is designed to create a independent backup system by empowering the user to define multiple different backup automation and destination options. GoodSync has multiple automation modes Such as: mitigating data loss treats around critical, recently created data by preforming real-time backup. Multiple backup destination options enable the user to create geographically separated copies stored on different mediums mitigating treats such as theft, fire, or some other disaster.

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Automatic Schedule Backup

by demon_bradsahw In reply to What type of backup do yo ...

For Server users, it is the best way to make an automatic schedule backup for your Windows server and backup to NAS. Thus, even if you forget backing up, it won't lose any data, because it will backup for you automatcally. For automatic schedule backup, AOMEI Backupper Server is a good helper.

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Computer Newbie in Web Server

by Shaoor khan In reply to What type of backup do yo ...

Hello there.
I am new to this forum. Hope to get some genuine answers for all my queries.

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