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What types of jobs are being out-sourced?

By cboehnlein ·
What types of jobs are being out-sourced?
with all of the lay-offs in the usa now I am sure retraining wiil take place with a large number of those that lost a job. it would help to know what area the need is in are we talking help center and java programmers only or are their other areas of needs as well?

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Retrain in something that isn't outsourced

by Bizzo In reply to What types of jobs are be ...

Plumber, electrician ... outsourcing manager.

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Outsourcing manager?

by realvannewkirk In reply to Retrain in something that ...

I would think that title would come with full riot gear. doesn't sound like the guy i'm inviting to office parties :)

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Sorry but almost all jobs

by zlitocook In reply to What types of jobs are be ...

IT can be out sourced, from the server room, data management to desktop support. It may seem that in house support can not be out sourced but that has been done already.

It starts by CEO's going over seas for cheap labor in data storage, programming, help desk and a lot of other IT jobs that pay a lot less then they will have to pay here.
Then the over sea's company will suggest that they can supply on site service a cheaper price then the US company pays.
They run ads in the US for IT, administrators, desktop support, IT managers and other support people. This type of job will sound great to out of work techs and paper certification holders who can not find jobs otherwise.
On a similar note I worked for Siemens corp. as contractor for Microsoft at Energizer Battery Company. It has been more then eight years so I think I can talk about it.
Microsoft took over Energizers IT department; they hired a contracting company to bring in three people. One manager and two people to do every thing else needed. I was one of the people used to provide support for three hundred in house and over 500 external users.
What a nightmare, we had to work side by side with people who knew we were taking their jobs. And they had to teach us about what they do.
Microsoft would supply the help desk, and images for computers. We were on our own with support. I made friends quick and had allot of people that just hated us.
Sorry for long story but I quit after nine months because MS kept giving us images that were not acceptable for the company. I told them that they needed to look at the company image but they said they knew what they were doing. This is just like the outsourcing companies.
Just say no, because companies out side of the US can not or will not understand how

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