what use? (proxy servers)

By palwan.nazarow_ ·
I must manage network group with over 250 members. And I must use proxy server(DHCP to). So i need advices from you. What i can use as proxy server, which operating system(or soft) is better for it? And where i can get it?(download).
Pleas help me if you can!

Thanks for all!

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Here you go

by IC-IT In reply to what use? (proxy servers)

You need to learn how to Google (or read your textbook). ;-)

Read a few of these links and then research your questions.

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what use? (proxy servers)

by palwan.nazarow_ In reply to Here you go

In our group there are over 250 computers.
Now we use DNS server(Linux Redhat), it connected to our internet provider. As proxy and DHCP server we use Linux Censornet. But it not works properly, so many errors. After restarting the system it works properly for few hours, then it stoping work. It does not show anything on screen, but computers in our network have not internet, and they can not take ip automatical. I dont know why.

So we think we need to change our proxy server.

Can you give advices for me? Do you know any other usable proxy servers?


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