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What was everyone's first job that started your IT career?

By mLindvall ·
I'm a soon to be graduate, year and half left, with a MIS degree and I'm trying to think of jobs that would be avaiable when I graduate. I was also thinking about what is a good place to start in a company to be able to move up within the company.

So after looking at most of the people's job description on TechRepublic I was wondering where everyone started off your career and if you moved up from your starting position or if you started where you wanted to be.


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Started where we wanted to be ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to What was everyone's first ...

Junior Support & Development Technician (Gopher)
Now Senior Developer (Old Gopher)

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Learn from basics

by Healer In reply to Started where we wanted t ...

Lots of people start as tester in the field where they want to be. Tester in software if he or she want to be a software developer or a tech support person.

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I've met very few people who were any good

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Learn from basics

who didn't start at the bottom rung. If you start at the top, there's no one to learn off. It would be embarrasing. The first step in learning is admitting you don't know something. How can you afford to do that if you been parachuted in as a department head.
People would start thinking you didn't deserve the job.
Got my start in IT as a superuser doing acceptance testing from the despatch department when a new IT system was being implemented.

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by brewerjjb In reply to I've met very few people ...

well truthfully i started cause we needed to redirect com ports on computers to lpt1 (lol old dos days) from there sheesh it goes all up hill! Understand i have a background in engineering i have had 4 computer classes in my entire life. yet i program in multiple languages and can fix or repair anything related to computers on any level.

Starting with no real background i would suggest just getting a system and playing with it! learn what happens when you do something and go from there! (if on someone elses computer make sure you back up there data though lol!

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Govt IT Specialist

by kdrew225 In reply to Learn from basics

IT Specialist (Application Software and Database Management)
Sybase, SAS, .Net

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At the Bottom

by plictech In reply to Started where we wanted t ...

Started in '76 Running Jobs, Mounting Tapes (Reel to Reel) and printing output.
Get your foot in the door somewhere / somehow and show them what you can do !

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Spend half an hour a day

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to At the Bottom

separating up a pile of fanfold prints on 11.5 music rule.
Two boxes full of it everyday. Proof that you were someone in the management seems seemed to be directly related to how many trees died for you overnight.

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where to start

by mjd420nova In reply to What was everyone's first ...

I started before most I work with were even
born. I started in the Navy in 1968, repairing
radios, cryptographic and radar jammer equipment.
From there it was on to Field service and eventually computers and 1980.

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Well after nearly 30 years

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to What was everyone's first ...

I'm still in the starting faze. Eventually one day I may get things right and be able to walk away completely from computers as a means of making money. But I don't as yet see that happening.

I was going to say I started and the bottom and learnt my trade but then I realized that I'm still learning. I actually started off in Electronics and eventually moved to mainframes where Electronic Engineers where all the rage at the time, but that area of the market no longer exists.

Like Tony I to am nothing more than an Old Gopher I'm continually going for this or that.

Col ]:)

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Once did an introductory piece on myself

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Well after nearly 30 year ...

Started learning computing in 1977, expect death to interrupt my studies.
Wrote that about three weeks ago.

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