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What was the best and worst present

By zlitocook ·
You received for Christmas? The wife and I have allot of places on line for people to look at, and have sent the links to them to every one.
Have bad movies, CD's and low cost computer equipment on mine. The wife has some of the same but also shoes and cloths.
We bought a gift for each other, a digital camcorder with a wireless connection to our server at home.
My wife got a pair of seal skin boots! We do not except any thing like this, and the people in her family know this.
What have you received for the holidays? And how do you handle bad gifts?

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Always difficult

by Tig2 In reply to What was the best and wor ...

My parents and family have been asked to direct the monetary value of any gift they might send to the Breast Cancer 3 Day. It takes a lot to raise the minimum to participate and my personal fundraising goals are higher yet.

I have been known to return unwanted gifts and apply their value to something I want or need or to the 3 Day. This works for me.

I have received gifts in the past from people who were out to yank my chain- similar to your wife receiving a gift of seal skin boots. Those gifts were returned and the value given to the charity of MY choice.

The appropriate answer in the face of any gift is to thank the giver. Once the gift has been given, it is not the business of the giver to know how it is used.

Incidentally- this includes the in-laws. And anyone who gives me a breathing pet (read animals) gets to take that gift home... unless it is a cat. I will personally re-home a cat. Shelter environments are too difficult for felines and should be avoided if at all possible.

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Especially the in-laws.

by deepsand In reply to Always difficult

They tend to be much more easily offended, and to a greater extent, than one's parents might.

Best to be dutifully grateful, and then ever so quietly dispose of the less than welcomed gift. Of course, this sometimes requires a that one employ a bit of subterfuge and patience; after all, it's not easily and quickly explained why you no longer have the kitchen range that they gave you. It's going to take some time for you to wreck that beyond a reasonably repairable condition.

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Well, I'll have to think re. the worst; but, the best is an easy call.

by deepsand In reply to What was the best and wor ...

That was, without either a doubt or a moment's hesitation, a thermos large enough to accomodate the 14 to 16 cups of coffee I drink daily.

It's hard to think of the worst, as I have a tendency to forget about such rather quickly. If I can find someone who wants them, I give them away; otherwise they end up being either discarded or stored, seldom to be seen again.

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I'd have to say

by mjd420nova In reply to What was the best and wor ...

The best Christmas present was two years ago, when I was presented with the deed to the home I grew up in. After renovation and updating, I was presented with a deed of eminent domain and paid quite well for the land and the home so it could be torn down to accomodate street widening and realignment. I guess the worst would have to be a gift I never received, lost somewhere in ther Gulf of Tonkin in 1969. It was a large ten pound box of cookies sent by my wife from Hawaii. I never got it, and it may still be in the postal system or made some tasty treats for Davy Jones. I don't know what really happened, but did hear of some mail that was lost over the side aboard the USS Saratoga in Singapore harbor just before Christmas that year. The real gift was to return home in the end of February the following year.

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My best

by NickNielsen In reply to I'd have to say

Would have to be finding out that my wife was pregnant with my youngest son. A close second was the USAF notifying me on Christmas Eve that I would be returning to Germany the following March.

My worst...two years ago the wife presented me with a body pillow. That evening, I discovered that pillow placed down the middle of our bed, where it has since remained.

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Say what? That sucks.

by deepsand In reply to My best

My ex managed the same, but without recourse to a pillow.

You have my empathy and condolences.

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