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What was your first computer?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
This week's TechRepublic poll asks, "What was the first computer you owned?

- Apple/Mac
- IBM-compatible PC
- Other"

Let's hear the details on your first computer:

What model was it?
Where did you buy it?
How much did it cost?
What kind of stuff did you do with it?
How long did you have it?
What did you eventually replace it with?

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first pc

by IT Girl In reply to What was your first compu ...

What model was it? clone
Where did you buy it? my mum had it built
How much did it cost? not a clue
What kind of stuff did you do with it? games, school project, music
How long did you have it? about 4 years i think
What did you eventually replace it with? a system i built myself

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First one didn't have a harddrive! MS-DOS v1.1 on a Floppy! Wooo!

by shamusoneil06 In reply to first pc

The first computer didn't have a hard drive and I needed to put the MS-DOS v1.1 GW Basic disk in the 5.25 inch drive to boot the sucker up. Then take it out and put in my application.

Tandy TL2 Intel-286 8MHz. 640KB of RAM(upgradable to 768KB HAHAHA). 40MB HD(an extra 100 bucks to get 20MB more)

Yes... those were the days. :)

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My first had NO drives

by oldmaven In reply to First one didn't have a h ...

The Altair I started with had no drives at all. I built a punched-tape reader from a kit, for programs my friends passed on to me (and for the vital bootstrap program) but relied on several unsatisfactory storage solutions using cassette tape. Then I bought (probably at TCF) a drive for 8" floppies and an interface board so I could use it. It never worked right, so I took it to the authorized service shop in downtown Manhattan. He plugged the interface board into a computer, and we heard a faint pop, then noticed that most of the ICs on the board (and, as I recall, some of those on his computer) had tiny craters where there active elements had been. Turns out, he'd plugged the board in backward.

So I kept using cassettes until I traded up (down? sideways?) to my TRS-80, with its single-density 5" drive. Eventually, I traded up from the Model I to the TRS-80 III and 4P, and splurged on an external hard drive. It cost me $995 and held, I recall, a whole 5 megabytes! I thought I'd NEVER fill it up, and I was right -- by the time I'd used up 4 MB I switched to a used Heath/Zenith 386 PC.

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The Apple II

by ozziea In reply to My first had NO drives

I guess I bought it in the mid 70s with two clunky drives and a green screen monitor. I loved it. I could open it and add cards as needed. In time, I upgraded to the II+, the IIe, and finally the GS. That was where Apple and I parted. I never made the jump to the Mac simply because it would not offer me the choice NOT use the graphic interface like the GS allowed me to do. I was used to the command line speed and versatility, or so I thought.

My first PC was a Zenith portable, hardly a laptop in size or weight, but it served it?s purpose for a while.

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Another old timer!

by stan In reply to My first had NO drives

My first computer was one I designed (at the chip level, not plugging together some one else's boards) in late 1974 (about the same time the first Altair was being designed). By early 1975 I has it working, with a huge 1k of RAM! Eventually I expanded it to 64k, making it a huge micro computer for its time!

After I wrote a loader and connected a paper tape reader and punch salvaged from an old Western Union teletype, I wrote a simple monitor program, then a rudimentary real time operating system.

Fond memories!

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First I worked on, not owned

by rhomp2002 In reply to First one didn't have a h ...

My first one to work on was an IBM 1401 with 4K of storage. We did the payroll for the Pentagon civilians on that sucker back in 1962.

Now I have a PC with more storage than the big IBM Stretch 7090 computers that the Weather Bureau used and I carry it with one hand. Amazing how times have changed. I actually at one point worked on a computer that used vacuum tubes. Imagine the cooling that one needed.

I still remember the first PC I even used at all. It was a Tandy TR80 (?). The guy who owned it was trying to decide whether to stay with the Tandy or move to a Commodore or an Amiga. As soon as you bought one in those days it was out of date and you started saving for the next one you would buy. Some things never change. Right now I have a computer with an AMD Athlon 64 xp and now I read that they have the AMD 64 Dual core. At some point I will have to decide just how much computer I really need for what I use it for. Not into gaming so there is probably no need to go any further than I already have but I know I will keep looking anyway. What was that old saying about Big Boy's Toys?

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Eagle IIe

by n6ach In reply to first pc

Z80 64k (2 5 1/4) floppies CPM Machine
cost way too much
Stuff, spreadsheet (had one single page sheet that took a half an hour to calculate)
Kept about 2 years
replaced with a Tandy 1000 w/ 10 meg hd (10 meg, will never need to add on ;-)

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I started on an 8086 machine!

by wkt37211 In reply to first pc

It wasn't even 100% PC compatable and I often had to run patches to get the DOS programs to work correctly. It was a "High End PC" it even had 2 5.25 disk drives. Later I added a 300 baud modem (baud vs bps another story) and I was hot stuff. Went to college and learned basic on a "Trash 80" TRS 80 from Radio Shack. I guess I am older than dirt!

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Guess I'm a real old timer too!

by teeville In reply to first pc

My first PC was an Apple II+ with 4K of Ram. It had no hard drive, no floppy drive, only came with a cassette tape with one program --- Lemonade Stand.

I kicked it up to 48K eventually. It had a green monitor and the display was all caps. The floppy drives I added were one sided 5 1/4" and held 720K (We thought they were huge).

Wrote my own programs with Applesoft Basic since there wern't too many out there. Used "VISICALC" which was the predecessor to Lotus 123.

They were fun days.

Eventually worked my way out of Apple and into the Intel/Microsoft world. with a XT 33 mhz.

I still have the old Apple II+. I'll use it as an anchor one day.

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Burroughs 6700

by oisleach In reply to first pc

My first computer in college was a mainframe called a Burroughs 6700 it was programmed with a Tektronix green-eyed monitor using CANDE, Command AND Edit.
After graduating with a Degree in Chem Engr. I bought a Personal Computer an Apple ][ with no hard drive an audio tape to save the text. No floppy was affordable at that time.

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