What web based Back up service should I use?

By dedhedtek ·
I have several clients that are currently using mozy pro, I would like to use online backups so I can access the data remotely etc. Lately we have been having problems with mozy pro, the client will not run back ups, I have been working with support for a while now and they can't seem to get it worked out. So before I need the backups I'd like to get something else in place. Does any one have any experience with this type of service or any recommendations for a replacement service. All of these clients are using some form of Microsoft windows server 2003 (most of them are SBS) And we will be backing up 10GB to 1TB (most are under 50GB) low cost would be nice but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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You might want to try Acronis' online backup.

by Ron K. In reply to What web based Back up se ...

If you purchase their backup software you can create online backups. I don't do it because I have a small bandwidth cap on our Internet satellite. I doubt that I'd backup online anyway. I like hard copies of my data. My most important files are stored locally in 4 different locations and off-site in 2. They're not 1TB in size but they're over 300GB. I can get my off-site backups back in my hot little hand probably faster than I could download.

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You might want to try Acronis' online backup.

by dedhedtek In reply to You might want to try Acr ...

I wasn't aware Acronis' had any online services, I'll have to check into it. The delay in getting your data back is one of the biggest downfalls of internet backups, but its nice when its all automated and I can restore files to a server no matter where I am, Some of the more important data is backed up to removable media of some sort or another. thanks for the info though.

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