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What Went Wrong?

By uu22_1978 ·
I've got a very big problem regarding my network guys i know you can bring me a big help. This is the scenario:

I migrated from a 384kbps-dsl ISP to a 640kbps-dsl for a faster access to the internet. During my 384kbps connection, the internet acces is slow but it runs smoothly without disconnection. Now, with my 640kbps-dsl my speed is doubled but when all users in the network access the internet simultaneously, my connection to my current ISP gets disconnected. I called the techsupport and informed the techguy that my connection is intermittent and to the worst...i got disconnected. It happens everyday when all users connects to the internet browsing webpages and watching funny movie clips in Youtube or brose pictures in Friendster and myspace.

The techguy concluded that my possible problem could be the following:

1. my network cables
2. too much traffic
3. router (router chocked)

What could be the possible error? I've been using the 384kbps-dsl for a year without a problem but now that i've switched to a faster one...My internet connection gets disconnected on heavy traffics on the internet...By the way i am using a 6socket Edimax Broadband router and a 3Com 24 Port Superstack Hub. guys I need your help my boss will be visiting us next week. Thanks in advance

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to What Went Wrong?


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removed post

by jdclyde In reply to What Went Wrong?

removed post because you have shown yourself unworthy of any free advice, and are too stupid and lazy to follow the advice you have received.

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Thank you guys..

by uu22_1978 In reply to removed post

I have already changed the cables from phoneline to modem, from modem to router, and from router to hub...still the problem persists...

I haven't done any firmware upgrade yet..but if this problem bugs me for a long time..i'll consider it.

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Thought your Boss was visiting?

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Thank you guys..

then you say "if this problem bugs me for a long time"....Hmmmmmmm

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It is either right or it is wrong

by jdclyde In reply to Thank you guys..

With your attitude, you will be looking for a new job as soon as the boss shows up and finds out you couldn't be bothered to do anything about this issue.

I would have fired you already, if you couldn't follow the simple things to try that I had suggested.

You make all techs look bad.

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Might Be Might Not Be

by jinteik In reply to It is either right or it ...

could be ISP problem which most of the time they say it is not their problem...

try ping ur websites

yeah try not to check youtube out as it eats bandwidth

as for friendster,i dont think it uses that much bandwidth right?

can be many answers to ur questions dude

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Waste of time

by jdclyde In reply to Might Be Might Not Be

uu22 has shown he/she/it has no interest in actually checking anything out.

My first post had given him/her/it a decent list that would have eliminated problems from his/her/its end so he/she/it could then call the provider to get this looked at from their end. After his "I can't be bothered" post AND seeing him start another discussion asking for the exact same thing, I removed my list.

This individual is an embarrassment to all techs, and a waste of time and bandwidth.

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You did'nt listen to his problem to begin with

by ldwhyte In reply to Waste of time

with all the railing on uu22, I wonder if you people have botherd to really look at the question and situation, I saw all employees logging on to the same websites with no problem, only at slower speeds, and now that bandwith is doubled, one would rightfully asume that the "same" traffic to the "same" sites would take half the time. has nothing, (in my opion) to do with the sites themselves, but I'm not a tech, just a pc repair man.

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And just who are you talking to?

by jdclyde In reply to You did'nt listen to his ...

I HAD read his post, and HAD given him a list of things to do that would verify if it was his equipment or a problem with his vendor.

When he replied with "I haven't done any firmware upgrade yet..but if this problem bugs me for a long time..i'll consider it." it showed that he is not worth people giving assistance to because he is too lazy to do even the simplest things to resolve the issue. He originally made it sound like an emergency, until he had to do anything.

So I went and edited my post of things to do. If he is unwilling to follow the advice that he asked for, then there was no reason to leave it up. Between that and his NEW post he started asking the same thing all over again because he didn't like the solutions provided here of checking his access point and such.

If you feel so strongly, go right ahead and give him some advice. Or are you just here to complain? Won't matter either way because he won't follow it and no one likes a whiner.

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