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What will be the new technology in cloud computing?

By Kaushaln09 ·
Share some technology ideas which will be in boom in coming future

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New technology

by pikusage In reply to What will be the new tech ...

The main purpose that the future of cloud computing will be as powerful and expansive as it portends to be is that cloud technology is extremely helpful. For one thing, the ultimate quickness and accessibility of a cloud are far superior to the use of modern technology.

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Artificial Intelligence Technology

by bracknelson In reply to New technology

I would like to talk about artificial intelligence which is advanced technology. AI means the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines. If someone makes a career in this technology so his career his bright. It has made our life easy and fast.

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cloud computing

by astrhasage955 In reply to What will be the new tech ...

Cloud computing is nowadays blooming over and there are many trends to be discussed on it. It also had astonishing growth last year and is predicted to break its own record in the next few. The most telling cloud computing trends are:
- The Global cloud computing market is forecast to go over $600 by 2025.
- As much as 80% of organizations are predicted to migrate towards the cloud by 2025

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Technology Ideas

by bracknelson In reply to What will be the new tech ...

AI is booming nowadays. It will keep on booming. It is the latest trend of computer science technology.

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What will be the new technology in cloud computing?

by qiqbal In reply to What will be the new tech ...

Since, Cloud Computing has touched its peak and things are revamping to move forward. One can say that Cloud Companies are already on their way to start off with the next big things which in the niche of Cloud Computing which are

1. Artificial Intelligence integrated with Cloud Computing
2. Quantum Computing
3. Fog Computing
4. Edge Computing

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New technologies to look forward

by pooja1588142131 In reply to What will be the new tech ...

New technologies in cloud computing to look forward in near future are = Machine learning, RPA i.e. Robotic Process Automation, Edge Computing, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, IoT, and Virtual Reality.

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new technology in cloud computing

by deborasumopayroll In reply to What will be the new tech ...

The Hybrid Cloud model offers a transition solution that blends the current on-premises infrastructure with open cloud & private cloud services. Thus, organizations will be able to shift to the cloud technology at their own pace while being effective and flexible. Multi-Cloud is the next step in the cloud evolution.

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trending in cloud computing

by jahagirdarajinkya In reply to What will be the new tech ...

Developments in the cloud computing industry move at a pace that can be maddening to follow and impossible to predict.
But some big-picture trends that will characterize the market for the next year are coming into focus, even if the technologies that ultimately enable them and vendors that drive them seem constantly in flux and vulnerable to disruption.
Many of those emerging cloud computing trends stem from the industry entering a phase of standardization and increased compatibility—a sign of maturity in any tech sector.
Cloud infrastructure—public, hosted private and on-premises—is increasingly less siloed, allowing workloads to be more portable and data streams more mobile.
That standardization, largely thanks to the open-source movement, is allowing a shift in focus up the stack, with new channel roles emerging to support application-level processes, from enabling artificial intelligence and high-performance computing, to delivering novel SaaSOps and application development services.

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New in Cloud Computing

by emmadavid2090 In reply to What will be the new tech ...

Cloud technology is continously evolving the traditional business operations such as
1. Artificial Intelligence
2. Chatbots
3. Cloud-based Call Center
4. Omnichannel
5. Unified Communication
6. CCaaS, CPaaS, SaaS

Hopefully, every business is grabbing every technology possible to build and provide better service such as CallCenterHosting, Freshdesk, Helpscout, Hubstaff, Zoho, Salesforce, and more.

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