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What will be the next OS by Microsoft?

By SamBurger ·
What Will the next OS by Microsoft after Window 10?

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What do you think it will be?

by tcavadias Staff In reply to What will be the next OS ...

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the next OS.

Tammy :-)
ZDNet/TechRepublic Community

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11. AKA Infectious Walking Dead

by k1starr In reply to What do you think it will ...

Norton has given up the battle to protect their clients against Google’s privacy piracy. My contact within Norton has revealed a secret plan to discontinue their clients’ access to the world’s leading browser, and will enforce this denial of service by also denying their clients access to their own passwords on Norton’s popular Identity Safe servers. Norton clients who give up Google, and use Norton’s own Toolbar product, and also use Norton’s own search engine, may be granted access to their passwords through the Norton Toolbar only. One observer anticipates an increase in password downloads from Norton Identity Safe to the clients who have previously entrusted them to Norton. Sorry, just can’t seem to remember the name of that app Norton calls a search engine, and I’ve tried it several times, too. Just getting old, I guess.

Another conclusion that has been drawn from Norton’s actions might be that Windows for personal use is now among the infectious walking dead. Norton is the commercial side of our country’s computer defenses. Up there where Gigabucks move in the atmosphere CEOs breathe. Of course they have some competent people too. If Norton can’t protect citizens of our country against Google, then we all need to get away from Windows yesterday. Maybe export Google to China.

BTW: The actual statements from Norton are in writing - an online chat. Yes I have it.

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What will be the next OS by Microsoft?

by maxistress In reply to What will be the next OS ...

I am also interested in this question. What do you think about it?

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