What will happen if this repair tool fails

By adnan_abbasi ·
Seems great!
But what will happen if vista startup repair tool fails to recover from a problem?

Does it try again and again to resolve the problem, i mean restart each time or give some chance of user intervention?


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Re: What will happen if ...

by elvis.altherr In reply to What will happen if this ...

Well i can say the following:

The Masterboot Record of the Bootdrive will be destroyed.. and the well known message "BOOT DISK FAILURE, Insert Boot Disk in Drive an Press Restart..." will appear, like in good old DOS Times *** smile **

So for my oppion this tool is another worthless tool from MS (as always)

ERD Commander is for this cases much better than the original tools from Miggysoft

--> it seems that migrosoft hasn't leart from the faults the made in the past what a mess

I had 2 OSes (XP and Vista) on my machine and after a crash of XP (don't know why) i restored the Backup (Image) and then the Vista Bootloader was gone and never seen again another "NoGO" to Vista

In general i think it woud be the best to wait 1/2 - 1 year till Vista is stable enough to use

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