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what will provide faster file transfer throughput

By Brad.b ·
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I've looked and I haven't seen a thread similar to this idea of mine.

My desktop is dead so I'm going to use my laptop for this.

I'm toying with the idea of running uniform server free development which is a lightweight version of Wamp server.

I understand a little of the basics of throughput etc but I'm just wondering what you pro techs think.

I'm wanting to run apache server on Windows 7 and I want to set up a local WordPress environment where I can play with the theme that I bought. I've talked to the webhost company I'm going to go with in July when I'm ready and they told me the basics of how to do it when I'm ready.

What I'm wanting to ask the crowd here is, my kid broke my usb3 port on my laptop so I've got usb 2.0 remaining. So is it going to matter at all which I run.. a 32 GB USB thumb drive or my external WD black 7200 rpm platter drive? I like the idea of just running it from the thumb drive because it's portable and I don't have to carry around my portable usb case and plug it in all the time.
Since I'm running both on USB 2.0 is there going to be much difference besides the size involved?
Thanks in advance.

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by Brad.b In reply to what will provide faster ...

the Uniform server footprint is pretty small and I'm not going to be doing that much with the word press theme just basic customization and adding a few photos so I'm pretty sure from what I've read that the 32GB flash drive would be enough room, speed isn't going to matter that much because when it goes live my webhost is more than fast enough. I'm just a geek and I'm curious.

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flash drive

by Jaqui In reply to what will provide faster ...

the flash drive is a faster medium, no matter what speed the usb port is.
the ONLY time a hard drive would equal a flash drive is if it is an ssd.

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