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What will Windows 8 change in the workplace?

By edgemcghee ·
Just read this article about how the introduction of Windows 8 will change the way we work.

With the emergance of 4G technology and a universal operating system that will work on Tablets, Phones and Desktops, are we no longer chained to our desks?

Will it change the way we work? And what are the obvious issues like Security considerations due to multiple external access sources?

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for the vast majority of people it won't make any difference because

by Deadly Ernest In reply to What will Windows 8 chang ...

in most countries the companies will NOT spend the fortune needed to provide all the staff with wireless Internet access to be able to work over the Internet on these devices for a start. Next most enterprises revolve around processing payments and documents that experience has shown needs the user to have a 19 inch screen or bigger, no tablet does that yet. Third is the various laws on security of personal data and they set how how you will protect it and how you will security vet the people who handle it; so it can't go out on the Internet or the mobile devices. After that you need to look at the specifics of an industry and a company and a country the company is in.

Another thing, Win 8 is best with touch screen, few companies will fork out that sort of money.

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