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What will you do/get for System Administrator's Day this Friday?

By vanessaj ·
That's right...according to

this Friday, July 28th is the seventh annual System Administrator's Day. I suppose I missed it last year.

So my question is this...

What do you expect to get or do with respect of this all important day? Are you, in your clients' eyes more of "The King of All That Is Technical" where everybody knows your name...or more of a "stealth technician" where things seem to fix themselves as if by magic - and nobody knows that you were even there?

And how have you been rewarded in the past for your indentured servitude?

Edited to add: and what's your wish list?

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This is nice even if not too many people know about

by j.lupo In reply to What will you do/get for ...

it. Doesn't affect me since I am not an SA and don't currently have any SA's working with me in any capacity. Shame really, cause I could use some. :)

I suppose if I did have some, I would make sure they got the respect they earned during the year. Let them know how much their hard work meant. Whether cookies appearing on a desk, or a gift certificate to a favorite lunch spot. Just something to make them know they are appreciated.

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Well, I guess I'm more

by Old Guy In reply to What will you do/get for ...

of a "stealth tech". I can get a lot of things fixed by remoting into their PCs. In my work life I don't really like being in the spotlight. However, in my real life I love being in the spotlight on stage in plays.

I'm quite sure no one here at my job will ever know about Sys Admin's Day. But that's ok because you guys do. Thanks for letting us know Van. :)

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I am not a stealth tech

by faradhi In reply to What will you do/get for ...

But I doubt that anyone will say anything here.

Then again, I am just looking for my pay. Anything more is a bonus.

That said, My employer is real good at recognizing employees. I may feel diffrent if they didn't.

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Yes, you're probably right...

by vanessaj In reply to I am not a stealth tech

but I thought it worth mentioning. We actually have a guy here that we call a stealth technician - clients don't even know he's there working on their server, etc.

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Here I come to save the day!

by jdclyde In reply to What will you do/get for ...

Mighty mouse is on the way!

Sys Admin day, I make a point to share the link with everyone in my department, and friends in tech, but it never leaves the department.

People know who I am, and what I am doing, because it usually affects them directly if I have to go on-site to do something, but that comes from wearing so many hats. The admin stuff they don't see as much, because I have issolated servers that are job specific. If one needs to go down for anything, the rest of the functions go on business as usual. If it is sceduled work, either my coworker does it early in the morning before people need it, or I do it after hours so as not to disrupt the work day.

I will wish myself a happy admin day in front of the boss several times though! All in third person of course! B-)

How about you Van?

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Well, JD, regarding being appreciated...

by vanessaj In reply to [i]Here I come to save th ...

I do get a lot of kidding kidding around by the boss, which is better than monetary gifts as far as I am me crazy...but rarely by the client, which i know is normal. When a client calls, the first point of business is to talk them down off the ledge and then see if you can get some answers to questions before you give some answers back. So after all of that, there's really nothing more than a non-chalant thanks. This morning I got a really grateful thank you which I will remember the rest of the week.

As far as really being recognized by my clients, I do most of my work remotely, which is great for my drycleaning bill (I just wear jeans and a nice shirt to work) We are set up to remote into almost all of the servers we support and now are setting up many workstations at clients as well. And, like you, after hours is the best time to get anything done because it doesn't interrupt anyone's day.

I did have one workstation that, right in the middle of remotely installing a software program, someone came by, saw the mouse moving and, thinking it was being illegaly commandeered, kept moving the mouse so I couldn't finish. I kept trying to bring up Word to type them a message identifying myself, but they just undid whatever I did and eventually turned off the computer. That was funny. I took care of it the next day.

An appreciation day would be nice, though. I know a lot of Administrators and their teams are severely underappreciated. I have it easy compared to some of the accounts I read on the boards.

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Often recognised, sometimes rewarded

by w2ktechman In reply to What will you do/get for ...

and always in the eye of everyone in the department that we support.

Some just reward with words, some leave gift cards, and some leave cash. But that is for 'extra' work outside of the scope of our jobs.

But, for words, our team often gets kudos letters to our managers, especially if they went through the helpdesk and got the runaround first, and we fix it quickly.

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That Day is my Birthday!

by Jim_P In reply to What will you do/get for ...

How is that for co-incidence! That day will be recognised for me :)

Kind Regards,

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by laredoflash In reply to What will you do/get for ...

I guess I'm gonna have to waste the useless old bum. Maybe even take his job.....

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probably more work,

by mjwx In reply to What will you do/get for ...

I'll try to get it done before 12:00 so I can have a pub lunch.

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