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What WINS are my users using?

By A-Baum ·
Have a 2000 domain that I did not set up.

Want to know if there is a way to query machines and find out what their WINS server settings are. Is there an app out there that can do that for me?

Also, is there a way to remotely change the WINS settings if the answer to my first question is yes?



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by jschein In reply to What WINS are my users us ...

As far as I know, there is no way published to remotely change such important things as wins or dns... If there was, I'm sure hackers would be rampant more than what they are...

However for the other features such as querying machines and getting full details, I use a program called "Hyena"..

Good luck...

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by TechKid In reply to What WINS are my users us ...

Why not just look in the DHCP settings of the DHCP server? Or, if they don't have a DHCP server, go to one of the machines and type at the command prompt "ipconfig /all" without the quotes.

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by A-Baum In reply to

I don't want to go to each of my 125 machines and do an ipconfig /all. I want a util that can go out and search and bring that information to me.

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by Joseph Moore In reply to What WINS are my users us ...

Well, an IPCONFIG /ALL run on any machine will list, among other things, the WINS servers it is configured to use. So, if physically going to each machine is not possible, then you can try PSEXEC from

PSEXEC will open a Command Prompt on a REMOTE system. You can use it to connect to each target machine, then run the IPCONFIG /ALL and see what each target says.

As for changing WINS settings, it depends on how your clients get the WINS setting. If your DHCP server (if you run one) sends out the WINS setting to clients, then just change it there to a new WINS server IP address. Then when clients refresh IP addresses, they get the new address.

If your clients have static IP addresses, then you can use NETSH from the Windows Resource Kit to change the WINS address from the Command Prompt. And, since you are already running PSEXEC to connect to your clients, that is how you could do it. Connect to each target using PSEXEC, then in the open remote Command PRompt, run NETSH and change the WINS address.

hope this helps

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