what would be a healthy technical study plan?

need a good study and learning plan for some one trying to enhance his technical knowledge and skills

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I'm not trying to be rude.

by Ron K. In reply to what would be a healthy t ...

I see that you're a student. Don't you have a school counselor that is in a better position to help you than we are?

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waz the main purpose of this site

by TIMWIRELESS In reply to I'm not trying to be rude ...

I thought this site was for learning n growing ones skillz that means u share what u have n I share what I have

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You're asking complete strangers what you should do with your life.

by Ron K. In reply to waz the main purpose of t ...

Doesn't that seem even just a little bit odd to you? <br>
You can learn a lot here but no one can reach through their monitor, take a look at your life and goals and tell you to do A, B and C and you'll suddenly be prosperous and happy. <br>
Don't you think that a school counseling session or even a teacher of yours might be better qualified to help you on your way? <br>
That's just life. <br>
Your few lines are starting to get snarky. If you don't want my freaking advice don't freaking ask for it. <br>
I have one thing that will serve you well. Learn how to write complete sentences without any of that abbreviated garbage.

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u can keep your advice

by TIMWIRELESS In reply to You're asking complete st ...

after all u just had 2 ignore my gabbage okay

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I'll dish my advice out as I see fit.

by Ron K. In reply to u can keep your advice

Like I said, if you don't like it that's just too bad. I'll go cry now. :^0 <br>
I made it all of the way through a successful career, though not in IT, and don't recall asking for advice on how to make it, on how to live my life. You want to ask for advice? Fine! You don't care to follow it? Even better. Be a failure in life. I don't give a shlt! Not my problem. <br>
Next week, if not sooner, there will be someone else come along to ask for career advice, or what to write their doctoral thesis about or something similar. Check out the sparse replies they get too. <br>
Have a nice life working. I'll be enjoying my retirement thinking about you slaving away, not knowing where you're headed, unable to figure out what's what.

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Makes me feel

by NexS In reply to I'll dish my advice out a ...

Like I'm in that boat. You know the one - where you put on a blindfold and jump in the canoe labeled 'career'.
I think I should ask a question on what to do....

Or I'll speak to my employer to see what options, thoughts and ideas he might have.
Yes, I think I'll <b>speak to my immediate peers and employers on how best to improve my skills.</b>

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I gave him good advice.

by Ron K. In reply to Makes me feel

I like your advice. The OP should try to eat regularly and count calories. Taking a multivitamin is a good idea too.<br>
Floss and brush daily.

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Ron K

by Kerah In reply to You're asking complete st ...

did you say the same words for every one who ask about some thing ....hey you are Repetitive i think we are here for tech issues not for learning english so if you have a good technical aid for some one say it if you not silence

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You've no business

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Ron K

telling people what to do... STFU.

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Yeah, what you said.

by Ron K. In reply to You've no business

STFU! :^0 <br>
Thank you.<br>
BTW-I consider maak_bunchanumbers to be a non-entity in these forums, like one other member, (and I mean that in every sense of the word), and she/he/it is wasting time if they're posting to me/about me as I don't read their crap anymore.

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