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what would be causing memory to show up different

By luv2bike2 ·
a friend has a compaq presiaro, about 7 years old, 512k memory installed when purchased, Windows XP SP 3, MS Updates up-to-date. my friend noticed that the memory was showing only 480k, he went out and bought another 512k memory stick and installed in the second slot on the motherboard. booted up, now the memory is only showing 932k. He took both simms out and placed the new one in the first slot, booted up and the computer showed only 480k, he placed the the memory in another computer (with the same hardware setup), booted up and it shows 512k. I am not a hardware tech, so my question is, is there anything he can do to get the missing memory or is the motherboard not fixable to bring back the loss 64k (32k on each simm) memory?


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There is nothing wrong, that's how it works

by robo_dev In reply to what would be causing mem ...

Typically the PC allocates some RAM to the onboard video adapter. You can go into the CMOS setup and change that setting.

If the PC using a separate video adapter card you can disable the onboard video altogether but am not sure if it gives all the RAM back or not.

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