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    What would be good SSD to add to my PC for installing Windows 10 on?


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    Hello there.

    So I have this motherboard H110M-K. I already have Windows 10 installed on my main drive it but I only have 60 GB of storage capacity on it, so I’m looking to upgrade. It’s a SATA SSD drive. I would like buy a new SSD drive (this time a PCIe drive), and I’m thinking something like Samsung SSD 980

    This is not set in stone, and I’m open to other PCIe options. So my first question would be: Would this specific drive work with my motherboard as my boot drive, i.e., where I can install Windows on? Specifically, I’m a little wary of the NVMe technology. Will it work with my motherboard?

    Thank you in advance for you insight into this.

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