What would be major difference Junior, Intermediate & Senior Developer?

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Hi Guys

Can anyone please assist, any strategies on how you guys would base the promotion on from Junior to Senior full-stack .NET developer?
From my understanding a number of years in the fields does not always correspond to the developer's technical and problem solving skills. I have seen people who have over 10 years experience but are struggling with most things like structuring code or even writing testable code. It is even worse when it come to merging code between environments. This is even worse if the person has been with one company surrounded by the same people who have also been with the same company for years.
I believe that a junior developer should be in a position to be able to read code, write, identify best practices and coding standards and be able to apply them. On the other hand the expectation from an intermediate developer are even more, they need to be able to continuously improve, mentor other developers, don't wait for instruction and most importantly have a practical knowledge of best practices and be able start a project from scratch. This also applies to a senior developer where one is expected to assist the architects in implementing their plans.

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