what would be the best language to learn ?

By DanteXIV ·
I still have 4 years till I graduate with a bachelor in computer sciences.
I am already fluent in both english and arabic but I want to learn a new language before I graduate that will be of value in my career.
The problem is that I am yet to decide on a major but the fields that seem to draw me are (in order) 1-Security , 2-software development , 3-Network administration , 4-System administration
maybe I'll end up in a hybrid of security and something else.

So it comes down to german, russian or chinese (mandarin).
Chinese gives me wider coverage and I can use it along with english in like 95% of asia (plus the chinese economy is really taking off and the government will have to take it's stranglehold off the internet soon which will mean a huge need for a good workforce in the IT sector) .
Russian is a huge help to a security specialist.
Germany has a lot of security companies.

So what language would you recommend and why ?

Sorry for the long question.

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Russian or Hindi

by Kenone In reply to what would be the best la ...

If you're going to do security those are the languages you'll need.

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Presumably by chinese, you mean mandarin?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to what would be the best la ...

me I'd just keep adding languages and drop the IT bollocks, you'll earn a shed load more money and get far more interesting jobs.

Do the IT stuff as a hobby.

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Chinese is gonna be tough to learn but a good shot

by nadackj In reply to what would be the best la ...

Have you heard of the acronym BRIC (Brazil Russia India China)? Experts believe these are the countries who are gonna have an excellent growth rate in the coming years. Better growth rate means more opportunities for a person like you.

Out of these countries, china is the one least exposed to english. Though they are trying to teach english to their high-schoolers, they will need help from an outside workforce who know english. So, my opinion - chinese

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by DanteXIV In reply to what would be the best la ...

thank you all for your answers.
then mandarin it is.

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