What would be the next to best solution..

By lonie.scott ·
I work for a small Copier company and have a customer who would like to have the copier made wireless. I was thinking of a wireless print server but in order to achieve full operations of the copier it must be connected to the RJ-45 port. The usb side of the copier will not support all the features the customer needs. Is there a third party device that can meet the requirements or will I have to hardwire the copier to the network?

Thanks in advance

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All depends on what you're trying to do

by robo_dev In reply to What would be the next to ...

In general, there are WLAN bridges that basically replace the RJ-45 Ethernet cable. These are used for things like X-box consoles that only have Ethernet...they allow the wired device to connect to the wired LAN transparently.

Overall, however, you cannot go wrong with wired ethernet...any device you add will be a potential point of failure, and the cost to run a cable is typically less than the cost of adding any device.

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Reponse To Answer

by lonie.scott In reply to All depends on what you'r ...

I totally agree with you. Any device period is a potential point of failure. In this case however, the customer may not want to see the statement. The wireless is already there and it does add an avenue for porable accesss if they need it.

The problem I was having was whether to use a bridge or an access point. I have been told to use both. So that is why I asked the question. I am still in the phase of trying to figure a workaround solution which will work for both my employer and the customer.

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Need clarification

by Charles Bundy In reply to What would be the next to ...

Why does the customer want wireless? Is it a desire to expand placement options of the unit or do they want to print/scan from wireless devices such as laptops?

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Reponse To Answer

by lonie.scott In reply to Need clarification

First and formost, I do apologize for the negative mark. I was trying to do to many things at one and well I'm sure you have been there.

What the customer wants us to do is actually run wire between the walls and set up E-drops. While that sounds rather simplistic, I don't believe they want to pay us for actually doing that. The other aspect is also one of portability access. The device is a highspeed color copier with scan/email and in the simplistic approach, the wireless is maybe the best answer out of all. I would prefer to actually run cable as this would pose the least amount of problems. I am not sure how the customer would react to the bill. Bottom line is $$$ and how to keep it.

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Wireless adapter

by Elteto In reply to What would be the next to ...

As mentioned above, you can try something like the Netgear WNCE2001 Wi-Fi Internet Adapter.

This adapter plugs into the ethernet port of any computer or other networkable device, and connects to a wireless access point up to 802.11n speeds. The advantage of such an adapter is that it works with any ethernet port, it is not USB based, so the host machine does not need to recognize it or install drivers for it. The machine does not even know it is connected wirelessly. You can get these netgear adapters refurbished for under $30 on eBay. Of course, it all depends on how much security you want and on how much distance the wireless adapter has to cover. If at all possible, use an ethernet cable; you cannot beat its reliability, speed and security.

If you do end up using an adapter, make sure you program it for a secure connection at least.

You have to set up such wireless adapters first through a computer by plugging it into the Ethernet port of the computer, or through a setup utility you have to install (often Windows only) that finds and programs the adapter through the network. The mentioned Netgear adapter does not need software installation; it is configured through a web interface.

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Reponse To Answer

by lonie.scott In reply to Wireless adapter

Thank you, now I can start with a product and go from there. The wifi point is fairly close about 20 feet, and you can bet your bippy it will have security on it. This little project will actually open up a new avenue for my education. Awesome!!

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