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What would be your dream computer?

I am not wondering what your actual next computer system will be, what I'd like to know is what do you envision future computer systems developing in to.

This computer I am telling you about I envisioned back in 1996 while watching an Episode of Beyond 2000 one one of the Discovery channels, it may have been the main channel (#182 on Dish) or The Science channel (dish #193). In the program they were reporting on E-ink, the technology that most e-books use today.

I was thinking that by 2020 they will have developed what I call liquid e-paper. It would be a pencil that you could split in two with a fabric like white sheet between the two half's. This fabric would be like a color Video screen that was touch sensitive and vision captive. And in the two pencil halfs would be a computer system that would linked to the Net or web also known as The Internet.

This device every student would have and use. It in ways would replace physical schools and your teachers would be virtual people that the computer system could teach with and respond to thousands of students query's all at the same time.

Then in 2005 I read the text fill again on an old CD I stored text files on and began thinking of Ideas for a more adult world usage of personal computers.

In this future computer system it would be built into your house automaticly in 2025. The computer could respond visually, verbally, or mechanically (this is hoe PC's do it today with a Keyboard and a Display screen). Your home office room would be were you works via a holographic like conference room that you could fade in and out of as you worked. This house computer would also DVR your TV and Radio shows, and photo's film or video in a personal world wide cloud, and backup copies of public domain stuff would be as simple as someone else having the same object. Five years later this Cloud Computing idea is aging past being a toddler into a child.

This is just an over view of the ideas, I do not think you need to read a book on the hardware details of these ideas, but if you wish to go that in depth may I suggest you present your ideas to someone like the Paten Office.

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