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What would the world be like if there is only Linux and no Windows?

By en_richme ·
The debate never ends with Windows vs Linux. I just like to bring up a few thoughts here.

If there is never Windows in the first place, how far or fast will the world advance technologically?

We paid for using Windows and Linux is free but I think Windows deserve it's due credit for getting the world up to speed in IT technology. Can Linux achieve this with the same timeline?

I am not pro Windows. But I learn some of my programming skills via Windows platform. I am now a Linux user but I am not going to criticize Windows because it has helped me along the way.

Windows and Linux will co-exist together. Let's
lessen our criticism of Windows and focus on making Linux a better contestant.

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by Wayne M. In reply to What would the world be l ...

Here are some things that could have turned out differently without Microsoft Windows. Like or dislike Microsoft, there does seem to have been some marketplace shifts that came about in conjunction with Windows.

1) Apple might be the leading business desktop. MS-DOS platforms were dominate, but Apple had finally cracked the business place with desktop publishing on Macintoshes. Windows 3.1 overcame Apple's lead.

2) TCP/IP might not be the dominant protocol. With Windows 95, Microsoft integrated a TCP/IP stack. This lead to the downfall of proprietary networking such as Novell in the business world and AOL's "internet" for home use.

3) Home use of computers might never have become prevalent. The combination of a GUI and web access shifted the market from hobbiests on dial-up bulletin boards to mass market web surfers. This probably also drove the commercial adoption of DSL and other highspeed connections instead of remaining at dial up.

4) Linux might still have come into being as an MS-DOS replacement operating system, but big system Unix would probably be entrenched at Sun, etc.

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