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What would you do

By zlitocook ·
In a new job if you had total control of the network and all the people in it? I have started training on all office products and how to use them.
I have set a network drive as a storage place for training and how to do things in office 2003.
I am looking for how others did things and why. I have been in IT for along time and used alot of training for users. I would like some feed back on how others have done this.
I have a public folder so each manager can post and share with users. I also have a folder in the public folder with everything from free training from MS to tips and tricks.

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Sounds like a good approach

by mjd420nova In reply to What would you do

I always try to keep a "scratch" drive available for training and sample documents. This makes it easier to bring up photos and docs that are prepared ahead of time. Sometimes looking for a users documents can be near impossible and very time consuming. I also try to keep a machine set aside for my own training, and for a fall back when things go awry.

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I also use a shared folder

by Blackcurrant In reply to Sounds like a good approa ...

which is available on the network. It contains subfolders which are named after the relevant applications and each subfolder contains explanations of common questions.

I always use screen shots to illustrate each document.

In the root of the help folder is a MS-Word document which contains hyperlinks to every help file.

My problem lies in getting people to remember that the help folder is there. It is an uphill battle - most people automatically ask me for help, and when I say " have you checked the help folder?", they walk away with a sheepish grin on their faces. Then, a couple of days/weeks later, the process repeats itself...

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Yeah I had the same thing

by zlitocook In reply to I also use a shared folde ...

At one job, but now I map the folder and put a short cut on the desktop for every one. I let them know that if there is some thing they know and it is not there let me know. And I will put it up.
I have started a web page for our intranet that is a problem walk through. I am cheating though I am using alot of other peoples ideas on how to do things. But only the non copy righted stuff.
Another big hit is a give away box, that has printed copys on every thing from keyboard short cuts to how to use all of MS software.

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Get Buy In

by blue-knight In reply to Yeah I had the same thing

Many users are afraid of looking dumb, do not want more work put on them, etc.
Find a few of the users who are willing and work with them to show th others.
Real Example(Names Changed)
Susy wanted to do something in excel but could not get it done right. Instead of fixing a complicated equation system that had some refence problems, I showed her how to use name ranges, drop down list (from name ranges) and a few simple other functions. This greatly reduce the equation clutter, simplified the overall design, plus made it work a lot easier. (No typo's for data input problems.)

She showed her spreadsheet at the next department meeting and it made a big hit. They asked her how she did some of the tricks, she spent a lunch break showing the ins and outs of how her spreadsheet functioned to a interested audience. I know that some of the people she was showing had attended excel classes before that showed name ranges.

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Websites are normally a good start

by adrian_zatta In reply to Yeah I had the same thing

In general cases, a web site can be more helpful to users then just a simple sharing folder. In a website you can add in discriptions and then direct them to a sample document. At the moment i am running a intranet system in which the users can post back to the system and help each other out. The users can also setup courses which other users can join.

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Survey first?

by newby7718 In reply to What would you do

The IT world and "absolute control" are not synonomous. You work for company and support their users. Use a survey and interviews to determine what management wants and users need. Based on the results of your surveys and interviews, establish a baseline and build hardware and software standards that meet those needs. Design a Technology Replacement Program that keeps your power users up to date and replaces old equipment with newer equipment on every desktop in a planned obsolecence program. Consolidate and organize your data. Consolidate your servers. Virtulize them when possible. Design good security, backup, recovery and business continuity plans. Document your network. And, continue training your users with more than just application training ... include security, virus protection, e-mail usage, incident response, disaster recovery, record retention, etc.

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Excellent Reply

by sstuchel In reply to Survey first?

Newby has hit the nail on the head. This is coming from someone that has worked in this industry for over 17 years and has complete "authority" over my company's network. It does not mean I have complete control. One tip that I learned is to keep your supervisor (in my case the CEO) aware of the value that you bring to the company, even if it means sending a project list and update it every week. You are essentially a contractor and can be farmed out or replaced, if it perceived that you are not worth your pay.

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