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What would you do?

By proactivemale ·
I am asking this question in hopes that some of you have had similar experiences in the past. I was hired as the only desktop support person(consultant) for around 80 users and given a contract to work only 25 hours per week. Now the staff is at 100 and growing. Mind you I am the only IT person on site. My responsibilites have also grown from desktop to server support. I do everything from ghosting pc's, manage 1 print server, 2 network/data servers running NT 4, support half of the staff (sales team) when they are off site, all hardware and software related issues, inventory control issues, just to name a few. My boss's boss paid me a visit last week to meet me and the staff at my location. He was also hired within the past month or so. Many company standards where not in place when I arrived or where completely ignored by the users at this site. I had to implement them using the best of my abilities without stomping on anyone's feet to hard. They want me to be proactive, like my name implies, but when I make changes or do anything my boss states that I should have asked this person or that person. Damn, I am starting to get confused as to what is expected of me and what can really be done to change the situation. I do not have an MCSE or any cert's, but I do have an AS in info. science and 4 years of real world experience. What would you do in a situation like this?

Thanks for any input.

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talk to your boss

by waynepd In reply to What would you do?

it seems to me that you are being stopped from doing what you were hired for, by a boss who wants to control your every move. in that case you should probly explain your problem to him exactly as you have here. find out if the company standards are rigid and to whom they apply and why any deviation from them is necessary,you need to know this in order to fulfil your role. if that doesn't work its time to leave, about the MSCE and Certs, not everyone is after an IT tech that has all the bits of paper. show them a hands-on aptitude and tell them what you've done for the last 4 years and you will find employment elsewhere.
but this is premature, talk to your boss, he may not be aware of the scope of your problem.
good luck

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Phone my boss

by proactivemale In reply to What would you do?

I did phone my boss and discuss the events that took place while his boss was paying me a visit. First, he came the server room were I sit and logged onto the print server, a laptop, and my computer on occassion. Therefore, I could open or close tickets for that time period. When I was hired I was told that I am not to touch the servers, that was up to the domain admins offsite. I said ok fine. Next thing you know, it was like I was being accussed of storing user directories on the print server. I said that I had nothing to do with that. And was told not to touch/move things around. The domain admins where out last month and I asked them that the server is filling up fast, hence my new server I must create all shares on and move allusers from two domains to the new server.
I work six hours per day and within the past 2 weeks was given the jobs of moving 100 users scattered across 2 domains into one server, and meet with all users and have them sign a form for equipment that they are using, and take care of daily fires that occur. Am I wrong in defending myself because all of this hasn't been completed within 1 1/2 weeks? Some sales people don't come to the site for a week or two.

Thank you for your input.

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time to move on

by waynepd In reply to Phone my boss

sounds like they don't have a clue or care about the workload and time required.
spell it out to them though it sounds also like you would have more luck talking to the wall.
oh and maybe ask for a nice reference for your cv :)
lose them mate.
i wish you the best of luck

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Just be tough

by shmaltz In reply to Phone my boss

I'm in the exact same position than you (with that I mean, only hired for so and so much hrs a week when in a time it was still possible to do what is required for such a small netwrok, only to see the amount of users growing and the contract staying the same). Only I dont give a damm on what my boss or boss's boss is saying. Whenever they tell me something that has to do with not asking: why I didnt ask that person before changing that or this. My answer is I am responsible for getting the network and the computers up and running. I dont give a damm how you get the money to pay me you should not you give a damm on how to run this network.
If I feel the time is not good for such tough language, I will sometimes try to explain them why I did it. And make sure they dont understand a word of what Im saying, by using computer language instead of plain english.
For the fact that they give jobs that you where not hired to do; approach your boss and tell him: I was not hired to do it either you pay me to do it, or dont ask me to do it.

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Try an E-mail

by reigna In reply to What would you do?

Try asking the different managers of each department if they can help by asking each person to e-mail their problems using the prioty setting and to try and think real hard about making everything seem urgent. And what I mean by that is if they knowthere time contraints for there projects they could give you more than today to inform u that they need something for a project. Each manager could work as a buffer for u and that way u also have someone else noticing the workload. Hence, covering your behind and helping to get work done instead of everyone pulling u in 50 directions at once.

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You're not alone!

by bikinibottom In reply to What would you do?

I work in a very similar situation and let me tell you something right now. Without being a project manager or a manager of some sort with power, you're doomed. It's obvious that you are not being repected for your knowledge by your boss or the company. Cut your losses, don't waste your time. Look for another job. You'll probably get more money. But remember on the next job you must have clearly defined job description and when extra duties are dumped on you, you should negotiate for moremoney. I don't mean working with the team or an occasional project, I am talking about a steady flow of more work than you were hired for. You might try Good luck.

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Move on

by mything In reply to What would you do?

Get a decent resume together and start looking for another position. But be aware that you are not alone in this position, You are hampered by not having a cert or two, like an A+, or an MCSE. You could try having this company pay for it - use the pretext that you need these skills to be better prepared to the job for them. (if they fall for this- get the certs and then really start job stomping)
Once you have a better offer, approuch the company and tell - give them a chance to make a decent offer. THEN walk.
It reads like no matter what happens YOU are the blame, read the handwriting and move on.
You could also post a list of what people with your responsiblities get paid. (sp)
Good luck.

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Thank you for all of your input

by proactivemale In reply to Move on

I have the feeling that everyone is correct. It seems to me that this position requires at least 40 hours plus occassional overtime. Not the 30 hours that is designated to me to manage the site. One great thing about the job is the location, it's10 min's from my house. I thank you all for taking time out to help me make a decision that I was thinking about anyway.

Thank you.

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by bimps In reply to Thank you for all of your ...

Looks like you've already decided you best course of action. Good luck finding a new job. You sound like you've got it together, so when a position comes up that you want, use it to your advantage with your current employers. i.e: Hand in your notice (preferably in writing detailing the obstructive working conditions you've put up with). Due to the convenient location you may wish to remain if you shake them up hard enough and they then take action to retain your services!!
Get it in writing if you do decide to stay.
Good luck mate

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Kick some BUTT and take NO names

by Grumpyroger In reply to What would you do?

As I read your post, I related to a simular experience. I fell that what you need to do is #1 Sit with your supervisors and get a complete job description of your duties, no if's and's or but's. Then I would have a meeting with ALL dept heads to review this job description, if a solution can not be worked out, or atleast reach a happy medium, then I would post my Qualifications on a job board ie:, or whatever....Good Luck

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