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What would you do if you were me?

We redesigned TechProGuild 6 months ago and have been working hard to add features to the site, improve the quality of offerings, and make it more valuable to subscribers.

If you were Senior Editor for a day? What would you do? What new things would you like to see in TPG? And what would you change? Let's talk about it.

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Where max number of messages up

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to What would you do if you ...

Add a reply to parent function.
Bring back my discussions.
Return to discussion locating you where you were would be real nice as well.
So would the ability to collapse posts with nothing new on them.

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Oops SUS

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Where max number of messa ...

Stupid User Syndrome.

Never used it. Not seen many reasons to use it.
If you had a trial, I might give it a go, but most of the topics I've seen would be irrelevant in my current position.
If they are given by vendors, about the only thing I'd learn is they had something to sell. I've been to some good face to face ones. Ken Holman on XML and Dr Bob on Delphi. I'd much rather listen to some practical ways to use a technology, than some sales type trying to sell me a product.
It's also interesting to meet vendors and tell them what they should be doing as opposed them telling us what we should be.

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by John Sheesley - TechRepublic Pro In reply to Oops SUS

Actually, there is a 30 day free trial. It does require a credit card for sign up, but it's not charged for the first 30 days.

As for the topics, they're not written by vendors. Everything's written by IT folk who are in the field doing the same things they're writing about. If and when we write about products its how to use them, not sales literature or product reviews. And the people writing about them do so because they like the products in the Introductory articles. Not because they're paid shills.

I do however like the User Group/Vendor Feedback suggestion you had... that's something we can look into. Thanks!

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Max Messages

These features are actually controlled by Jive, which is a different engine for discussions and Tech Q&A than we had before. I know that this has been an issue for a long time, and Im reasonably sure that the developer guys are trying to do something about it.

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Why am I doing this? I wish I knew.

by stress junkie In reply to What would you do if you ...

I suppose I'm entering this post because you asked and most businesses are run by people who are so arrogant that they would never ask their customers how to improve their service.

Regarding TechProGuild, a pay to use service, I have made this observation in this forum on previous occassions. I have noticed and stated that many of the free technical how-to articles offered on this site are often lacking in depth. I have, on several occassions, read some article on the TR site that covered an area of interest only to find that I already knew as much or more about that subject than the article covered. A case in point was an article on data storage backup strategies several months ago. The article focused exclusively on tape backup. There was no mention of DVD-RW backup. I wanted to learn more about software that could handle DVD-RW, robotic libraries such as those available from Plasmon that could use DVD-RW drives, etc. The article could easily have been written in the 1980s. If I remember correctly the article didn't even discuss at any length the issue of off site backups. After reading that article I posted a message expressing great disappointment in the lack of information presented in the article.

So, when TR has books to sell or a pay to use service I have to look at my exprience with the free technical resources to make a decision. My only conclusion is that I would not be very happy paying for the level of expertise that I have come to expect from TR writers. So I keep my money in my pocket and only occassionally write about my disappointment in the technical content.

This is the reason that I would not pay for a TR service or product.

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I agree

by CRD In reply to Why am I doing this? I wi ...

I started paying for the service a couple of months ago because I thought the paying articles would be different.
Up to now, I am not convinced to say the least, and I am seriously reconsidering my decision.
I don;t feel I am getting any bang for my buck.

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Article ideas

by John Sheesley - TechRepublic Pro In reply to I agree

Is there something in particular you'd like to see different in the articles? Length? Topic choice? Writing style?

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More Wide Area Networking

by lrussell In reply to Article ideas

I would like to see more topics, tips, articles related to Wide Area Networking.

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Humble arrogance

Thanks for the comments Junkie. :)

It's always difficult balancing the expertise level to write about in technical articles. What's obvious to you is over the heads of some readers. We usually try to aim for the average expertise level so as not to talk over the heads of most people while talking down to others. There are some articles which are more technical than others.

The decision was made a long time ago to put the more in-depth technical articles in TPG, as opposed to TR. Not to debate the business model, but there's an added value to the indepth content as well as significant investment in content that we need to recover. There are several TPG reprints that we do feature in TR free to give people some samples of what they can find on TPG. Id encourage you to take a look at some of those. Plus, there is a free trial period where you can look around at will for free.

Finally, beyond the Original TR technical articles, there's also the Tech Book library which contains the complete online readable and searchable text over 250 books from Sybex, Sams, Microsoft Press, and others. They're updated every 90 days to make sure they're not stale and cover the latest topics.

Thanks for the input!

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Article structure and content

by In reply to Humble arrogance

I agree with the previous postings that the articles are often times lacking in depth and details on how to exactly do something. I also understand John's comment that not everyone is at the same level. I would suggest the following to address both concerns. There should be a series of articles about a given subject. I have seen this on occassion where the first article gives the overview of the subject matter and successive articles dig deeper and get more detailed. The problem with what has been done in the past is twofold. One, this drilling down on the subject matter was rarely done and two, that when it was done the articles were months apart and I would have to wait a month or more to get the details.

Here is what I propose. When the articles are contructed, the author should write an overview of the subject matter to address the people that are new to the subject matter. Within this article would also be a small outline of what will be in successive articles. If possible, release the overview and successive articles all at once, so we aren't waiting to get the full story and the details. This type of structure will address those just wanting to get basic information about the subject matter and also those who like my self want the details, examples and how tos.

The authors that can't afford the time or don't have the skills to do this should limit their articles to the free area. Technology changes so fast that we need fresh perspectives, solutions and complete information quickly and timely. Otherwise we can just go buy a book or look up the information in the online books.

The online books have proved to be useful to me on several occassions. I think this part of TPG is worth the dollars alone. Where without it, I would have to buy a whole book to get just the one chapter of information I needed. With TPG I can quickly find the book and go directly to the chapter I need.

One other idea that I think I have seen here which I would like to see more of is compiling of information from members into an article. The author would start off a discussion about something such as Enterprise Antivirus software and let the members comment and provide the content. The author with his own experiences and research would then compile the comments and his own information into a well organized article or article(s). I have found the comments and input from members to be valuable, but often times I don't have time to wind through the long list of posts to find those gems of information.

Hope this helps with some ideas.

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