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what would you do when you become IT manager one day?

By fatchai ·
hi :

what would you do first for your organization or team if you become IT manager one day? For me, I will recruit more technical ppl run the show. More support means more happy customers. More happy user means positive feedback for the IT team. Rite now, my team has too many people who can only talk but no practical skill.


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by JamesRL In reply to what would you do when yo ...

I am an IT manager, and have done it at several companies.

Technical people don't necessarily make great managers. You need a balanced skillset.

I know technical geniuses who were fired because their ego got in the way of doing their job. An antisocial techno geek is difficult to manage, and has a hard time working with customers or peers.

I've always been a big fan of support because its cheaper to retain a customer than to find a new one. To me support is a basic tool, but there is always pressure to reduce their headcount.

A good manager should do more than manage day to day activities in their department. They need to develop staff, improve processes, manage budgets and sad to say promote their group. Thats what they should look at day one.


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by The Admiral In reply to what would you do when yo ...

Whoah Horse! I see you putting the cart in front of the horse.

What ever happened to evaluating the situation before diving into the bubbling Sulferic Acid?

I would want a clear picture of the entire situation, then take action, rather than **** it all away on re-training staff, even if the brick on the floor is smarter.

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First thing I did

by JamesRL In reply to

was spend 30 minutes with each staff member, talking about various items - team morale, group dynamics, what they liked about the job/team, what they didn't like about the job/team, and so on.

That gave a pretty good overview of what issues should be dealt with. Of course I had to verify and investigate but the information is out there, you just have to ask, and filter it.


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by TonytheTiger In reply to what would you do when yo ...

Hire good people, put my feet up, and let them make me look good.

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ah if it were that easy

by JamesRL In reply to

First off, its the exception where you hire a manager who hires everyone from scratch. In most cases you get an existing team. Either they liked the old manager, and are suspicious of the new one, or they hated the old manager and are suspcious of the new one.

Even if you have the greatest team in the world, you still have to direct them. You have to make sure they spend their time on the right tasks, you have to make sure they get recognition for their efforts and that the rest of the business knows what they do.


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Transparency, Fairness and most importantly Honesty

by komisr In reply to what would you do when yo ...

Missing from the Manager's menu these days is transparency - whenever possible always keep the team in the loop; fairness - give credit where it is due; honesty - remember that you are managing people but you do not own them, personal interest should be kept for the Golf course, not the office. If I become IT Manager one day, the office menu will once again have transparency, fairness and honesty. For instance, when an opportunity presents itself to be fair to my team, I will embrace that opportunity with a smile and open arms and will make sure that fairness prevails.

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Komisr is right

by Joe_R In reply to Transparency, Fairness an ...

Never take credit for your team's success, but rather always give the credit to them - always, no exceptions.

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When or if

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to what would you do when yo ...

Course the question for me is why.

I was about when technical people were running the show, it was a f'ing disaster.

More support = more happy customers.

Never needing support = happy customers. Technically possible, business wise though a non starter.

Based on the somewhat naive opinions you've stated, when you come a manager is well iffy. You need to get some business under your belt.

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to When or if

ffs , sheeit ****

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You must see things from all perspectives

by Joe_R In reply to what would you do when yo ...

Look at many of the messages around here, and you'll often see the people in the IT trenches lashing out at upper management. In some cases, they might have some valid points, but they seldom see things from that perspective. As an IT manager - the person in the middle - you must be able to see a situation from BOTH perspectives, and find a way to make both sides content and successful.

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