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What would you like to see in a antivirus/ antimalware product?

Let it first be known that I am merely a student of the science of computers, and as such have no authority to dictate what an antivirus/ antimalware/ antirootkit vendors should or should not include in their product (besides, of course, the authority of my wallet). Nevertheless, these are some of the things that I would like to see in my antivirus/ antimalware products in the future.

1.Randomized installation file and executable file names.

Reason: Several members of this community as well as myself have commented on the ability of certain viruses/ rootkits to block anti* products from installing or running (especially MBAM, Kaspersky, Spybot S&D). By manually changing the names of the install file and executable file of these (like from mbam.exe to mb.exe) you may be able to get around this problem; however I believe that it may be easier to stop malware, viruses, and rootkits from blocking these files by randomly creating names for these products before distribution; that way malware will have to work harder to know what to block.

2. A system file replacement utility
Note: I seriously doubt this will happen ever.

Reason: Some malware are known for fatally infecting critical system files, which in most cases calls for a reimage or format of the drive. I believe that having a utility built in to the anti* product that can replace those fatally infected files with clean files in real time would be awesome.

3. Repair Functions
Note: SuperAntiSpyware is an example of what I refer to.

Reason: Having a utility that can reallow use of command prompt or regedit (after they have been disabled by malware), along with other tools, would be great for those, like me, who lack the skills to do such things manually.

4. Ability to install and run in Safe Mode

Reason: Most serious malware that I have run into personally effect normal mode operation in such a way that trying to run anti* software in normal is asking for punishment. In my experience, it was much easier to run anti* software in safe mode (those that worked anyway), which meant a easier cleaning process.

5. The ability to work well with other legitimate software.
Note: A critical factor in my anti* software process

Reason: I've heard the horror stories of people who were unlucky enough to have two real time anti* programs (especially McAfee and Norton) running at the same time. I've seen bleeding edge computers reduced to a crawl from anti* software conflicts (my stepbrother's computer comes to mind). It is too much to ask for anti* companies to make their software to play nice with other legitimate anti* software? Besides, I don't like having my computer die just because I wanted to get a second opinion.

6. A on-computer malware database that describes how and why malware X is a threat to your system.

Reason: An informed computer user is (or at least, should be) a better computer, and knowing the enemy is the first step to defeating it, therefore; having such a database on hand (internet-based databases may not always be available or accessible) would be a great bonus.

I think I've spoken enough for now; what do you, the members of TR think? Are any of the preceding reasonable? Is there anything you would particularly want to see in your anti* software?

The floor is open,

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