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What would you like to see in NetAdmin?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
Please make a note of the kinds of articles, polls, and topics you would like to see covered in NetAdmin. Even if there is something from another tech site that you wish we were doing. That's fine too. Let us know the kind of content you would liketo see more of. We will definitely value and give due consideration to all suggestions. Thanks for your time!


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OK, a suggestion

by pallan In reply to What would you like to se ...

Stop posting garbage like the recent NetWare/NDS article by Justin Whitlock. I'd prefer that you stop covering Novell's products rather than continue covering them that poorly. My cat has a better grasp of security.

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More Linux

by maf In reply to What would you like to se ...

I'd like to see the subject Linux in Enterprise treated extensively.


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More Specific

by Brian Lusk In reply to More Linux

What exactly do you want covered about Linux? Any specific areas?

Brian Lusk

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by Microhard In reply to What would you like to se ...

hi Jason,
I am MCSE student, and I would like to see more articles related to MCSE, including articles and/or educational material, tips, advice or/and sallary scale for:
System Engineers;
Technical Support Engineers & Technical Consultants;
Network User Support & Operation Support;
System Analysts and Network Analysts;
Systems Integrator;
Information Systems Support;
Application User Support;
and Desktop Support.

Also, I would like to say one more thing: This site is cool, informative, well designed, and one of a kind.

Thank you,


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Say wha?

by pallan In reply to MCSE

More MCSE coverage? Jesus H, boy, that's all they ever bloody talk about.

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Pallan - MCSE Talk

by Microhard In reply to Say wha?

What do you have against MCSE people?

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Nothing, in general

by pallan In reply to Pallan - MCSE Talk

It's just not a topic that needs more coverage.

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by DanGH In reply to Say wha?

I agree with Pallan, in that the article on NDS for NT was pretty weak. I can read a manual if I want basic information. I would like to see well researched real world solutions to problems presented. I would like to see more thinking outside of thebox.

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I agree

by plumy In reply to Say wha?

Does TechRepublic get kick backs for doing MSCE? What about Network+ ?

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The Web

by Adamus In reply to What would you like to se ...

In light of the ever-growing importance of the web and Internet-functionality on a network, perhaps more articles should be dedicated to that. I'm biased in this, I have to admit, since I manage a web infrastructure at my current job.

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