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What You Did With Your Last Laptop?

By zubairshkh ·
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While watching Cracking Open: Acer Aspire S3, a thought came in mind that what Bill Detwiler's did with his last laptop and I think this is the best place to ask the same with Junkies and Gurus.

I gave it to my 2 years daughter...she is using it as a toy :)

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Sitting under my bed

by Slayer_ In reply to What You Did With Your La ...

I haven't gotten around to throwing it out, but the video chip died in it, otherwise I would have given it to my folks.

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I've never had one.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to What You Did With Your La ...

I've never needed or wanted one. I've always been a desktop user. I gave my last desktop away to a co-worker.

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Really? Never?

by Slayer_ In reply to I've never had one.

Why not? Especially these last few years where laptops are as powerful as desktops.

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As I said,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Really? Never?

I've never wanted one, either personally or professionally. I'll use a company loaner on rare biennial business trips. Personally, I can get more hardware than I need for less money with a desktop. If I need to get on line when traveling personally, even the cheapest hotels now have desktops in the lobby.

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Hmmm, I hated not having one for awhile

by Slayer_ In reply to As I said,

Especially when I go to my folks place with their limited TV, no computer, no internet. The laptop becomes an entertainment device, play games, watch downloaded TV, etc. I even occasionally hook it up to peoples TV's and do previously mentioned tasks. Sometimes some party games, etc.
Or just at home, sitting in front of the TV, I keep my laptop handy. My desktop mostly sits in obscurity as a file server.

Heck, occasionally I will just use it to play music (occasionally through a TV again)

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Different lifestyles

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Hmmm, I hated not having ...

I normally set the DVR to record programs when I travel, even if I'm going somewhere with full cable or satellite. (Besides, when I visit my parents I'm there to see them, not the same televised garbage I can get at home.) I don't play many games and don't download TV at all. If I did I prefer to watch on the desktop's 21" monitor, not a laptop's smaller one. I don't know what you mean by party games, but we don't have or attend parties. The desktop and TV are in the same room; a laptop would add nothing. When I want music I turn on the receiver or CD player; they're attached to an amp with much better speakers than the TV set.

I have no use for a laptop; I'm not sure why some have trouble accepting that.

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same here

by PurpleSkys In reply to I've never had one.

i've never had a laptop, i skipped a step and went to a BB Playbook (although I still have my desktop).

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I still have my first laptop.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to What You Did With Your La ...

I use it to mess with Linux in various flavors. :)

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Still have my first Lap Top

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to What You Did With Your La ...

But I don't like them I only got the Lap Top as a Tool to find Open WiFi LAN's and so on at customers places.

So it still does everything I require and to be perfectly honest it normally sits in it's bag unused. I tend to plug it in and apply any Hot Fixes every couple of months and that is the most use it gets.

Give me a Decent Desktop any day of the week and a Better Monitor than anything that could be fitted to a NB.


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Two TR Power Users don't as much used laptops

by zubairshkh In reply to What You Did With Your La ...

it was supposed to me that most of the peoples gave their laptops to their folks, but it was amazed to know that one of the power user don't have a laptop and he will not require one, and the other's mostly sits in it's bag. WOW

Anyway, but i also want to know that what professionals did with their last laptops.

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