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What's a big sign that you're about to be outsourced?

By jmottl ·
Hi TechRepublic members,
I'm writing an article about the big telltale signs (or maybe not big telltale signs) that indicate an IT professional's job is about to get outsourced and was hoping to get input from our great members--tell me here or email me at what 'signs' indicate your job is going somewhere else, whether it's to a consulting firm here or abroad.
And I'm also looking to interview IT people who have experienced being 'outsourced' and what their next step was...
There's a small reward for helping out!
Judy Mottl

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experienced being 'outsourced'

by Passwordchanged In reply to What's a big sign that y ...

i signed up for unemployment,spent my savings looking fo a new job. there was no sign unless you count no raises for two years in a row - except for the vice pres/cto who got big fat raises and bonus

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Thanks, and a few more questions..

by jmottl In reply to experienced being 'outsou ...

Hi 'got-promoted' -- can you email me so i can send you some followup questions - we don't have to use your full name.

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by TheChas In reply to What's a big sign that y ...

I think the biggest sign that you are about to either be outsourced, or loose you job to another individual is being asked to FULLY DOCUMENT the network or your job tasks.

The higher priority the documentation task, the more likely the company is planning to outsource.


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Training requests

by generalist In reply to What's a big sign that y ...

I seem to recall reading about a number of people who had to train 'auxiliaries' on H1B or L1 visas not long before they lost their jobs due to outsourcing.

I got the opinion that they were caught between a rock and a hard place when it came to the training. If they didn't do the training, they could be fired for 'cause' and not be able to collect benefits. If they did the training well, then their jobs disappeared that much earlier.

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You might want to look into this

by info In reply to What's a big sign that y ...

I had several recruiters with Indian names invite my resume for jobs I am qualified for. Then there is a lot of silence. I wonder if they are changing resumes so they can hire H1B candidates?

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RE: You might want to look into this

by Brack In reply to You might want to look in ...

Because of my past experience with Indian's. I will never do business with them. Ever. I have seen and experienced way to many unbusiness like acts and out right stealing. My advice would be just don't do any sort of business with them.

For what its worth.

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